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An "Almost Midnight" Snack

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Nexis, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. :smoking::smoking::smoking: [​IMG]

    next to a razr
  2. damn looks tasty
  3. i think you razr has some boogers on it or something

    nice blunt.
  4. good thing its not my razr! thanks man :wave:
  5. kickass blunt. you appear to be a blunt artist.
  6. thanks dood

    if only i could get a shirt like the subway employees (the ones that say sandwhich artist) :smoking:

  7. that almost looks like a gotti but none the less its still a nice looking blunt
  8. it was a freestyle :)
    and my friend bill rolled it hes a master. :D
  9. damn that things huge .. like my dong =D haha
  10. If thats the size of your dong that sucks man if i rolled a blunt the size of my dong it would be a +rep king!!

    But on the main point here that is an excellently skilled blunt right there good job finessing that thing looks like it would be great to buy in a store in amsterdam..
  11. that thing is fuckin amazing man... +REP!!!
    I love how in the states people roll blunts and j's with out roaches.... my favorite way to roll- but up here in uk people always roll with roaches and even tobacco- fuckin nasty
    Have a great 420:smoke: :smoke: :smoke:
  12. i like a good crutch in my joints but to me with a blunt you gotta have that sticky green goodness all up in your face! amazing blunt that baby should burn for days and dont forget to pop it in some glass when it gets to short

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