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An actual question about a jar

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by heavennow, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. We keep our "precious" in a jar to keep the odor down. Has anyone ever stored their stash with a sugar disc (ceramic disc used to keep brown sugar moist) to keep it from drying out? :wave:
  2. Always keep my buds in a Kerr mason jar. Never had any issues with drying out, ever.
  3. Any bud properly stored in an airtight jar shouldn't really dry out. If it's air tight, there's no opening for moisture to evaporate out of. I would be extremely wary of introducing any extra moisture into your container...that's how mold develops.
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    No but an airtight mason jar will keep your stash fine and dandy. as long as your 100% sure its airtight. im going to test my 2 jars tonight to be extra sure they are airtight because ive been dry for 3 days and next pickup in 12 days ima really make that stash last as long as possible instead of 2-3 days im tired of not having any bud and smoking it all up its time for a change for oneself.
  5. I certainly don't want mold... Never thought of that. Thanks for responding, everyone!
  6. How long will it stay "good" in a mason jar? And how do I tell when it goes bad?
  7. It doesn't really go "bad", i've smoked weed that was a year and a half old and got blazed off my ass. It turns harsh, you can tell its losing its goodness when its becoming dry usually the dryer and older the bud the harsher the smoke will be. Many people that don't want to go out and get jars should just suck the air of anything the nugs are being kept in...going to a huge extreme is actually investing in a vaccum packaging jar, it must be costly but it will keep your bud extremely fresh till the day you smoke it.
  8. Cool, thanks Snowman.
  9. I've noticed zero change in taste/harshness from 2 month old bud that was in a mason jar. I haven't really kept anything stored longer than that, as I try smoking my older stash first to prevent it from sitting around too long.

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