Amy Winehouse "Hash Overdose"

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  1. trust me...marijuana isnt even a problem for amy winehouse...its the coke, snorting e, crystal meth, and heroic thats the problem. and yes she snorted e.
  2. She isn't dead so she didn't overdose. End of story.
  3. Ridiculously slanted story. Don't equate cannabis use with that of all the other shit she uses.

  4. People snort ecstasy all the time, that isn't her problem. She needs to lay off the meth, crack, and heroin, on top of getting all her shit together.
  5. QFT.

    Amy Winehouse doesn't want to go to rehab.
    She said no, no, no.
  6. A "36 hour pot marathon"?

    What the lame.

    I've been on a marathon for the last 5 years.

    Grow some balls, Amy Winehouse.

  7. She smoked hash for 36 hours straight, not to mention she probably ingested many other substances at the same time.
  8. You don't always die from an overdose...
  9. im sure she didnt have any problems with the crystal meth, coke, E, and ketamine she was taking but when she smoked pot for an amazing 36 hours!!!!OMG she had "shaking problems" highly doubt it that article shows how dumb the media is towards marijuana and other drugs.
  10. QFT


  11. :hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::laughing:

  12. OD's are not always, or even often, lethal.

    She's a crazy bitch who gives all responsible drug users a bad name, as well as allowing them to spread that bullshit about it damaging her brain... her brain was all ready fucked.

    I've been on a week binge where I sat in my friends living room, and took bong rips. all week. all day. he has curtains so it was always the same brightness inside, and we lost track of time, and just smoked. for a week. I went home like twice to shower, cause we live very close. that's it. watched tv and took bong rips. and i'm feelin fine.

    If you uncontrollably puke after drinking more than you can handle, it's normal. But you have brain damage if weed makes you do it? I've puked my guts up from weed, and again, i'm feelin fine.
  13. Yeah that's what I said. Staying up for 36 hours straight is unhealthy in itself. If yous stay up too long you start to lose grip with reality and you start to hallucinate. And who knows what else she took during this time.
  14. this is such bullshit now my parents might tell me I'm gonna overdose lmao wtf
  15. Hash Overdose
    Work Party
    Organized Mess
    Perfect Idiot
    Jumbo Shrimp

    Words that do not belong together.
  16. The Mail is a right wing slanted fear mongering machine anyway.
  17. is E escstacy? You can snort that shit?
  18. you don't have to die from an overdose, a great percent of the people who overdose do die, but not all do.
    my friend did his first time doing E, but he didn't die
  19. It's not even legit lol

    Smoking "inhuman" worth of 36 hours.

    Inhuman worth? I don't know about smoking hash, but an half pound of weed would be inhuman amount to smoke in 36 hours. She looked shitty because....

    mass smokes make you look dirty(if she was hotboxing the room a little bit).

    and staying up 36 hours can fuck someone up.

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