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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Ypres, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. I was shoveling a hole in the hardpan soil that is found around the area I live. While I was doing that lots of dust and dirt was flying into my nostrils which tends to give me a bloody nose. So yesterday my nose turned into a faucet for a while and I thought it was fine today when I finished the hole. Well it was until I took a shower. As I'm washing my face with my hands partially cupped underneath my nose to wash my chin, cheeks, upper lip I begin to smell iron. I realize after about a minute that I had been washing my face in my own blood. Now, that is an interesting feeling.

    The sole intention of this story was to gross you guys out a little bit, enjoy!
  2. You washed yourself with your own blood? awesome!
  3. + reppp for blood washing. that's some 300 shit right there
  4. that is seriously fucked up man, but strangley awesome?
  5. I used to get nosebleeds periodically when I was young. One night I got my sleep. Woke up with an intense thirst in the dark. Stumbled into the bathroom, still pitch black. Flicked on the lights to my face fucking COVERED in blood. :eek:

    Freaky shit.
  6. haha that same thing happened to me and I did the same thing. Looked nuts.
  7. Haha I got 3 +rep for this thread but they are all purple!!!
  8. you're a savage bro. also for being in cali while doin it +rep
  9. coulda gave urself a strawberry milkshake if u came on ur face too

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