Amusing questions that non-smokers ask you

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  1. What are some amusing/ignorant questions a non-smoker has asked you? One time, this

    kid, who knew I smoked, asked me how many pots I've smoked :eek:
  2. cant really think of any, but a buddy of mine who didnt smoke was always interested in how everything worked like selling, which part is smoked and all that, what it actually does to you. showed him what a scale did, explained the buds/hairs/trichs, what different kinda pipes/paraphernalia there are/how to use them, and explained and broke the myths/propaganda.

    it wasnt really like asking stupid questions but trying to figure it out, just learning about it all. which to me was really great as even though he didnt and doesnt burn he was still interested in learning about what it actually is instead of just going along ignorant of what is going on in his dorm as well as his whole life.

    ill get him to burn next year though, no worries on that
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    "Shit... so when did you start shooting up?"
  4. " Dude, isnt a joint 5 times as bad as a cigarette?"


  5. I've heard people say its 7 times as bad.

    Um... OH

    "I heard your eyes bleed internally after smoking, is this true?"
  6. "can i give ya 70 bucks for that G"?

  7. Who wants 20 dollars for a bong rip? My boy packed maybe .2 into the bowl lmao.

  8. Mmm, delicious exploitation.

    'So, when are you going to move into hard drugs?'.
  9. while smoking a joint of hash around a non-cannibas smoker, he asked for a drag..inhaled....coughed...and declared "sweeet grass man..when will i be high?"
    i just smiled :p
  10. I got a text from my mates girlfriend whos very anti-drugs (Ive been steadily working on changing this) saying,

    ''Harry, what happens to you when you smoke weed?''

    Of course, i replied,

    'I grow an extra arm and breathe fire!'

  11. haha. :D

  12. My mom's doctor told her a joint is 10 times worse than a cigarette.
    Her DOCTOR. Blew my mind...

    "The choke? Is that what makes people cough?"
  13. The reports say that one good sized joint is equal to 4-5 cigarettes. However, you can save your lungs by using a vaporizer. A lot healthier for you. Also I believe if you smoke out of a water bong it also lowers the tar levels a little.
  14. one good joint equal to 4 or 5 cigarettes:confused: now THAT is fucking bullshit.
  15. "Why does weed smell like skunk?"
    -Because God wanted it that way.

    "Why is weed on this Earth?"
    -Because God wanted it that way.

    "Why are your eyes so red and squinty?"
    -Because God wanted it that way.

    "Why do you smoke weed?"
    -Because God wanted it that way.

    When the kid was talking to me I was soooo baked the whole time!
  16. think so? I just know what I read man so don't blame me. I looked it up and several articles I found stated that 1 normal size joint( and I'm not talking about a pinner or in the opposite case a giant joint) the tar levels were equal to 4 to 5 cigarettes. But since this is obviously going to turn into a pissing match CAN anybody give us a definitive answer to this question based on scientific research? And if so could you please give references to the studies?
  17. a couple of weeks ago while i was smoking this kid asked me about 5 times if i was seeing colors and leprechauns:confused:
    then he started waving his hand in my face for a good minute, after two warnings i slapped the shit out of his face and told him i thought he was a leprechaun..
  18. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I have yet to encounter anyone THAT ignorant/stupid when it comes to weed. I've heard a few people talking about DOING weed, but that's it.
  19. Lol these are great guys!

    In my opinion thats a fortunate thing lol. But I hate it when people talk about doing weed
  20. "Why do you smoke so much?"

    I def. am amused by this question.

    I had more but I don't remember.

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