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Amusement park

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by S0BE, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Well this summer im goin to hershey park as a birthday thing from my parents. The bad thing is my two friends and i are going down with them to save gas cause its over an hour drive.

    Hershey park is an pretty sick amusemnt park with madd rollercoasters and shit if your wondering. We wil be there from 10am to 10pm so its gonna be a long day.

    Anyways we went last year and it was fun as shit, but im thinking now it would be better if i was fucked up.

    So heres the situation, smoking is NOT an option. IF we smoke before its pointless cause an hour drive. and smoking there is NOT an option either. So we are either going to get some brownies/cookes or make maddd firecrackers. Enough to where if we start coming down we can eat more so we dont get burned during that long ass day.


    We could get shrooms. Not enough to where we trip balls but still trip good. Shrooms last longer and the nice summer day with bright rollercoasters and shit would be amazing.

    What would you suggest?

    I want to get edibles (weed) cause i know i wont have a bad high or anything (knock on wood) but i dont wanna use all that bud to make it or spend a lot cause sometimes edibles dont work, and plus being burned out there would suck. For shrooms it can last like 8 hours so we will be feeling good like all day, but having a bad trip would be realy bad there.
  2. I would only do shrooms if you and your friends know what you guys are getting into. If you're in the right mindset then shrooms could be amazing. Just know what you're doing.

    As far as brownies go, that'd be a cool choice also. I've enjoyed edibles before going to a theme park before. It's a really great experience especially on rollercoasters or trippy rides.
  3. Firecrackers don't need that much weed, .5-1g per firecracker and you're good.
  4. but it would take like 2 crackers like that to feel good as shit and thats a lot of bud. Im trying to stay high all day. NOt trying to get burned out 2 hours into the day and not fee like waling around. IF im high all day and eating more and more when i start coming down everyting workds out.
  5. Shrooms are priddy expensive, you could make a lot of edibles and stay high for a good period of time
  6. I can get a half eighth of shrooms for 20-25 and thats all i will need. Im not a big guy so they should make me trip pretty good. Although ive never done them, but i will try them once before i do decide to do them at the amusement park.

    And yea i know whats gonna happen, well atleast kinda know what to expect but im not expecting much cause its different for everyone.
  7. If you've never done shrooms before then you definitely shouldn't do it at a theme park your first time. I mean, you might be one of those people that can keep their shit together but it's going to be really hard if you've never done shrooms before. I ate a half 1/8th of shrooms and ended up playing with the water in a puddle for about 20 minutes. I didn't even realize how long I was there till someone else told me.

    Definitely make firecrackers or some other edibles. Going on roller coasters baked is awesome.
  8. HAHA thats funny as shit, playin in a water puddle for 20 min. LIke i said in the post above yours, if i decide to do shrooms i will make sure its not my first time just so i know what to expect a little more.

    Although a freind of mine at school on 420 did shrooms for the first time before school, and he was fine, TRippin balls but fine, lol.
  9. You might be fine, make sure you try it first though before you go so you actually know what to expect.
  10. I would definitely recommend making some firecrackers. You don't need much weed and you will be baked for hours. You cook them in an oven for 20 minutes so and you will be blitzed. You should eat them midway on the ride up, that way after an hour or so when you get there you will start feeling ripped.
  11. Shrooms is probably the worst idea ever when going to an amusement park. My friend tried shrooms and he tried to kill himself just sitting in a room. He also pissed all over the room. It could have been that his mind wasnt set right for the shrooms or it could have been anything but edibles sound like a way better idea.

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