Amsterdam's new Marijuana law.

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  1. If you're gonna ban anything, at least ban something that can really hurt ya. Some countries just seem to have a lot more common sense than we do, eh?

  2. so did they ban tobacco there or just tobacco with marijuana?
  3. This is so 6 months ago. :p
  4. Yeah it was banned when I went to Amsterdam this summer, but most headshops still sold tobacco. I talked to police officers and they said that they recently banned shrooms there too but you can still find them at some headshops... basically even though they ban something you can still find it relatively easy
  5. can u not smoke tobacco at all like on the streets n shit?
  6. Bet I could bring up a bunch of shit that's 6 months old that you never heard about also. :rolleyes:
  7. point is this has been posted
  8. Comon'. Things get re-posted all the time.

    I would think that it would be an issue if a particular subject gets re-posted over and over and over again, and if that was the case with this thread, than I humbly apologize and request to the mods to delete this waste of your time.

    However, to those that have never seen this, I do hope ya find it interesting. It was to me and is the reason that I shared it.
  9. really? A neg rep for that? Learn how to use the rep system properly. And the search button.
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    Yup. And well deserved.

    If someone takes the time to post up something here because they found it interesting and felt that they wanted to share it with others, and it wasn't something that was posted a gazillion times before to warrant a search, than to come down on someone just because they posted something that you've seen before is petty and deserves the neg rep.

    The other thing is that when I posted this, I did not post this here but in the "seasoned tokers" forum to spur some discussion. The mods needed to review it first and they put it here. Was not my choice.
  11. Man you need to chill out. I was being sarcastic and clearly joking. Did you not see the smiley. I couldnt of said it in a nicer way. Lighten up and stop being so sensitive. I'm sure your next thread will be more successful. :)
  12. Oh right onnn
  13. Maybe so. Gonna get vaked now...............
  14. theres no such thing as being sarcastic on the internet :p
  15. badass vid

    Thanks for the share I had no idea tobbacco was banned in Amsterdam!

    Honestly I am completely ok with that as long as cannabis is still tolerated
  16. Im am too, a bit confused,. Whats the new law exactly? have a copy of it, or a link? and im assuming its only banned to smoke it in coffee shops. I do remembering reading this a while back, but thanks for the video.
  17. This may help to clarify for it for ya, deisel. Tobacco ban wafts into Amsterdam pot shops -

    (oh noes. I hope to God this wasn't posted before.....;) )
  18. +rep 4 OP

    Thank you! I must have missed this awhile back, or was to stoned to remember(Don't have a nicotine addiction) so it must have slipped my mind. :hello:

    This is good news. They banned tobacco smoke here in the States, so when I go to Amsterdam, I won't inhale second hand tobacco smoke and stay cancer free.:smoke:

    69 posts............................ladies

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