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    Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds came through. First purchase from them, good prices, great communication, 5 days ship time from Europe to South Carolina...That, I thought was really quicker than any I've ordered in the past.

    Non descript envelope. Fresh big seeds too. I got an additional "20 free seeds" also. Good seed bank, great communication with "J" and a real honest attitude that I appreciated over the "cloak & dagger" shit of some seed banks. I'll order more in the future from them.

    White Widow x 20
    Ganja Lowryder x 20
    Durban Poison x20
    Free 40 pk misc. **but good**beans.

    Buy Marijuana Seeds and cannabis seeds from Holland - high quality marijuana seeds (cannabis seeds)

  2. 5 Days?

    that is amazing man! I am right beside you, I might consider them for my next order. Please let me know if you have any troubles germing. M/F ratio, etc.

    thanks for the report.

  3. PM sent ;)

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