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  1. I was just wondering if it is illegal now in the netherlands/amsterdam to sell marijuana to tourists?
  2. They were trying to pass a law that you cant smoke if your are not a citizen in holland.
    But i dont tihnk it went throug.
  3. They still claim they're going through with it. They say it will be intorduced in the Southern povinces first, where foreign drug cartels have been causing trouble. They say the rest of the country (including Amsterdam) will follow in the course of 2012.
    It's a horrible idea and it will most likely fail wherever they try it. Street dealing will just increase. In fact I think I might make me a little money selling to tourists and foreign labourers.
  4. Johnny correct me if I'm wrong but don't they try pulling this shit every few years? It seems to me more posturing in regards to Amsterdam then an actual desire to ban drug use there.
  5. I don't know I've never heard of specifically banning tourists before, but there have always been politicians that oppose our tolerant drug laws. Maybe they just get lots of exposure in the international media.
    I still don't see this happening, even though they do have the proper approval to go through with it. It's just too stupid an idea.
  6. I heard they wanted to keep it to residents only, but think of the enormous loss in tourism as a result. When the see the money they're making on, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. , I think they'd be quick to change their decision.
  7. IF this happens......I will cry. I heard about it and I got a little choked up lol. I want to go so bad and have never been. It doesn't make sense though the would lose billions upon billions of euros.
  8. lol I doubt it's billions upon billions.
  9. Well I am know how good we are with money hahaha. Nah but hyperbole aside...I will be crushed.
  10. yeah it would suck. I still don't believe they will go through with it.
  11. I'm hearing that it is because of smuggling or whatever in the southern part of the country and that they will let each different city (or something to this effect) decide for themselves. That is just what I am reading from googleing all this.
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    For myself living in Belgium, if they do this, then the price on the street in Brussels is just going to go up, and we will get every 2 bit dealer selling microwaved dried shit on the corner.

    Then people will still go over to the Netherlands, hang outside the new "weed clubs" and ask people going in if they will buy them some weed and give them a tip. The clubs won't give a shit if there is a little street dealing of their green. Fuck dudes they will probably even sponsor that shit.

    More gangsters will be shipping across the porous border than they do now, consumption wouldn't go down, and I'll expand the grow in the basement and make a little extra coin selling to my homies.

    Politicians...I shit em..
  13. I dont know how it is any where else but in America they would say that they are protecting kids and family values. even though that is bullshit. Maybe your politicians are more reasonable.
  14. Exactly. I will happily help out any foreigner for 5 euros, just sit outside smoking a joint and they will flock towards me. Also I find it very hard to believe coffeeshops would follow these ridiculous rules.
  15. The problem, getting serious on this for a mo. Is that the Netherlands didn't come up with this shit by themselves.

    On no no no no no... :devious:

    The French and Germans pushed this through the EU back channels, leveraged the Dutch to clamp down since they didn't like the traffic back to their own countries. Not good for the good old family values as you say.

    Germany is the economic power house of the EU, the French the traditional old man, The Netherlands...meh..:confused_2:

    So the Netherlands has rolled over and said OK. Why else after wrangling in Dutch and EU courts (which allowed an apparent breach of the single market on health grounds)is this still being pressed? It is now being considered by the Council of State, the highest Dutch appeal body, and whatever their ruling they will change the current state of play.

  16. I'll be in touch ;)
  17. This guy is right. If it was up to us, weed would be completely legalized. Unfortunately there is a bunch of evil fuckers trying to control everything in the EU. One little nuance, the Netherlands hasn't rolled over and said ok, that's just our politicians. The huge majority is against this retarded rule, unfortunately a lot of people don't really care even if they are against it.
  18. Quite true, I stand corrected, my apologies if I implied anything negative on the weed toking good people of The Netherlands.
  19. oh no problem my friend.
    Now that I think of it, lots of people have actually rolled over, but haven't said ok. A lot of people simply don't care, they have rolled over. But if you ask those people if they agree with this, most say no. Unfortunately there was no vote on what policy to use, so people haven't even had the chance to say ok.

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