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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mattingly420, May 10, 2011.

  1. anyone thats been to Amsterdam it'd be nice to hear from. im headin out their in august and i want to know as much as possible. can anyone help me out? lol im lookin for general prices and what not. shit to do and where to stay. the best "coffee shops" and all that shit.
  2. i've never been, but a friend who just got back said the bud sorta sucks overall, like high mids, nothing compared to whats over in cali or BC, but he did say he found like one shop that had some good dank... but he mostly just bought hash, idk i was pretty disappointed to hear this, and may reconsider going to canada instead or something
  3. haha I was just gonna say, Toronto has some of the best bud ever and a bunch of vapor lounges.....If you're only going to get away from North America then go to Amsterdam , but if your looking for a good weed trip go to BC or T Dot fo sho!
  4. lol the best thing is to go and find out for yourself - tourist places will sell tourist weed, so my advice is to avoid tourist coffee shops.

    The cannabis in Amsterdam is some of the best in the world, you just gotta know where to look :D

  5. I've never been but If I went and all they had was hay I'd be pissed lol
  6. Just don't be a complete tourist. I've never been there but it looks like a beautiful place. Look at all the historical places and surrounding towns and architecture and whatnot. Don't just stay around De Wallen.
  7. And wouldn't anyone be pissed - I have lived in Amsterdam and smoked weed for over 16 years and I enjoy all the weed I have ever had there.

    Of course BC, Cali et al also have amazing weed :smoke:

    Also have a read hear Amsterdam looks like they maybe changing the rules which suck

  8. I'm sorry but your friend just went to the wrong places and got ripped because of his stupidity. 99% of the americans get ripped because of their high ego... you just proved it "nothing compared to whats over in cali or BC", "Toronto has some of the best bud ever"so please americans just stick to your continent and leave europe alone if your weed is a million times better.
  9. Someones mad^ I've also heard from natives the bud is nothing special at all.
  10. I'm noway mad it's just the truth. You can have up to 2 plants to supply yourself in the Netherlands. So please answer me the question which is better the weed you grow on your own or the weed you buy at a coffeshop which 2/3 comes from german indoorgrowers ;)
  11. You do know Toronto is in Canada right? Don't call me American.....Plus I've already been in Europe this year and the weed's decent but nothing like when I went to Oakland, don't speak on what you don't know.
  12. Being able to grow your own is irrelevant. And where that weed comes from is irrelevant. I'm sure there are tons of growers there that grow better stuff than you can buy.
  13. This argument pops up often and as someone who has lived in both the US & Amsterdam I would like to say a few things.

    1. Amsterdam for years has been the Mecca for legal smoking etc and this has given it the rep for having amazing weed, which it does - you can legally walk into loads of good back street coffee shops and pick up cracking dank - tourists always get ripped off, that just happens.

    2. In the US you can also find amazing weed, this is due in part to the fact that you guys take growing very serious and no doubt the smoke is great.

    To sum up both countries have great weed, you just gotta go to the right places.

    Its the same everywhere surely?

    I would also like to say that the UK is also starting to produce some fantastic weed, recently I have had tangerine dream, old school northern lights, G13, super lemon haze etc.all home grown by some great farmers.

    Anyway lets no fight about this - 9 mins til 4:20 in the UK :bongin::bongin:

  14. Ever been to Canada? (BC ect)
  15. is fucking awesome. i was there last winter and im currently saving up to get my ass back there.. its just a really fun atmosphere.. weed might not compare to the medical cali nug but its still good, and i hear the hash is awesome (never tried it sadly)..

    if you want some good advice though, look in the real life story section and go to Pawlywog's thread called life in amsterdam, im sure he can fill you in.. theres already a lot of info in there if you read through a few pages.. mite be able to find what youre looking for without asking
  16. Yes I have been to Edmonton & Calgary (skiing) and smoked too much beautiful BC bud, as well as Vancouver, great city! :smoke:


  17. Well look who's a pompus ass. And you say WE have egos. Geez....
  18. That's the thing to remember med cali nugs are amazing, where as what you buy in Dam is different - and yes try the hash its v good but expensive 25+ euro a gram :smoke:

  19. Cali and Colorado have the best US bud.

    BC has the best bud :p

    Never tried european weed.

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