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  1. Hey blades me and some friends are planning to take a trip to Amsterdam in late august for a weekend there Fri-Mon. Basically i have a few questions i'm hoping anyone could answer/give their opinion on.

    1. Can anyone recomened some cheap (hostel type) places to stay, preferably one that is smoke friendly, but thats not a huge problem. Also if it is fairly central then that would be a plus but again not a major concern.

    2. What are some of the better coffee shops there ?

    3. Any cool things to do there ?

    4. Any particular strains that are a must try whilst there ?

    Thats all i have atm thanks in advance to anyone who can help :wave:
  2. if you do a search on the forums you'll find a ton of threads that answer those exact questions.

    Cool things to do there? yeah, bang out some hookers. Rent a canal boat and float around blazed.

    Any particular strains? look up the Cannabis Cup winners and go find them.

    Hostel? Flying Pig Hostels

    Coffeeshops? It's like sex, even if its not great, its still pretty damn good. Do a google search for the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory. Excellent resource.
  3. i wanna go to amsterdam so bad. my mother and sister are going in like a month, i wish i had the money to do it. if only i wasnt broke haha. have fun bro

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