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  1. Hey guys, first post!
    Just booked my trip to amsterdam with a few friends, were gona be going in about a week. So I wanted some tips from those of you that have been. Such as coffeshops that are a must visit, different things to do, any strains of bud or hash you recommend picking up, and any other tips or advice you think would help. It is our first trip. Any help would be appreciated. Keep tokin!!! :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  2. super silver haze is some good stuff:D
    and hash well i like the afghans;)
  3. This should help.
    Use the search function you'll find a lot of information.:wave:
  4. Thanks man! forgot about the search function lol Il be sure to check it out
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    here are the coffeeshops I frequented. These places are legit. Good priced drinks and weed, and great atmosphere. One thing you have to know about being in a coffeeshop is that you have to purchase something from the bar when you go in. You can't buy alcohol in the coffeeshops anymore but you can buy like soda or hot choclate or whatever. If you're going to chill in the place and smoke, you need to buy a drink or something. Just remember that. Now I suggest going to the Dampkring, The Rokery, The Bulldog Coffeeshop on the Leidseplein, and Abraxas (the internet is really cheap there). Here's a map of all the coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Print this out and go to town.

    Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory - Amsterdam Map

    EDIT: Also check out The Grey Area. They have awesome weed. Willie, Snoop, Phish have all frequented the place. It's really small, but chill as hell. It's owned by some Americans. Also, the Dampkring has awesome weed usually as well. The Bulldog in the Leidseplein is good just because it was the first place I smoked in, so it has sentimental value to me.
  6. Ive always heard to stay away from bulldog coffeeshops on like every backpacker forum im on, and that the best shops are the ones away from tourist central.
  7. I enjoyed Greenhouse, Rokery and Dampkring for the bud; however, there are better ones as far as atmosphere/ chillness of people etc. Its really a personal taste kind of thing, as each coffeeshop has its own quirks.

    Try some of the Barney's G13, that was a great smoke; Big Buddha Cheese was nice too. If you wanted a hash recommendation, the iceolator hash is pricey but worthwhile, but I just enjoyed good quality afghan. To be honest though, 99.9% of the bud there was better than here so it didn't really matter what it was. Its all sold in grams. Each shop can only sell you maximum of 5g at a time. I often asked for the budtenders recommendations; if they know you want a good sativa or indica, they will normally be happy to tell you

    Oh, and don't try rolling up with tobacco indoors, they provide a smoking mixture.

  8. Get Lost....Its alot more understanding if you do. trust me. And converse with the dutch and who ever else. Us americans go in and buy it then leave. If you talk to them about the weed they'll tell you what your lookin for.
  9. I don't know why, I thought the one in the Leidseplein was a cool place. Atmosphere wise it is nothing special, but the bartender was cool, the weed tender was cool, the drinks were cheaper then other places, and I don't know, it was the first coffeeshop I got high in so it's like losing your virginity. The other thing that was cool about it was that they have outdoor seating and you can sit outside and smoke weed. I do know that there are a few other Bulldogs in the Red Light district. I never went into those. Maybe I did, I don't know, my memory is blurred somewhat. I'm going back in the summer probably for my third time. Definitely going to hit up some shops I haven't been to.

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