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  1. a buddy and i were planning on making a trip to amsterdam this summer. Has any one been there? and any suggestions on where to stay?definetly hitting up the coffee shops
  2. im the buddy, :D
    Are some of the coffee shops cheaper?
    any other experiences in holland welcome.
  3. i wanna go there with girlfriend too me and her have this huge plan we`ll work and travel and smoke weed threwout our life :D more smoking/traveling and collecting glass then work :D

    enjoy amsterdam lucky one :(
  4. haha for sure im super pumped
  5. I haven't gone yet. Planning to go up after college. But I've heard renting a bike and riding throughout the cities alleys and such is very fun.

    And if I remember correctly you should stay away from some of the bigger touristy cafes and go for the out of the way ones the locals go to. I think I heard that Bulldog had bad bud compared to whats out there.

    Edit: I look at it this way. If you went to Germany for the beer, would you go to some commercial bar in the city, or would you go to the out of the way place that brews their own and imports that stuff that monks make :D
  6. thanks man that is some good advice i was also thinking that i was gonna find some of the "underground cafes"
  7. absolutely amazing dude. love amsterdam. there are great coffeeshops all over the city and i agree try and stay out of the really touristy ones.

    i can't remember... but try "The Saint", "Rokerij" (any of them), and "Crush". those were some of my favorites.

    check the lsd link in my sig if you want to read about my crazy trip in amsterdam and see some of our bud pics.
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    Ods, was the 'cid pretty hard to find?
    Edit I read your trip report. Nevermind

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