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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by krazdballer, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. My dad, my friend, and I decided to go to Amsterdam and theres only one problem. My friends only 16 (he looks older then 16) ive been researching alot and every website i read says you have to be 18 or older. So anybody on GC that lives in Amsterdam or has been there will the coffee shop owners really care he will be with me(18) and my dad(39). Ive used the search button but couldnt find anything sorry if i overlooked anything. Thanks for all the help in advance.
  2. don't worry about it, even if your friend doesnt get in, you can always buy a bag and bring it back to your hotel and smoke your friend out.


  3. You can't leave the coffee shops with weed. Not that you shouldnt, but don't make it obvious. Try it out tho, if you can make him look 18, cool, if not, just take some out for him.
  4. you cant leave the coffe shops with a lit joint, but you can ask for a quarter and smoke a joint then walk out.

  5. Its kinda the whole experience though. We all wanna be able to go in buy some bud, sit down and smoke it all. As long as her looks 18 and doesnt start any trouble for them do you think they would even care?
  6. Yes, they will care, and they will ID him. I was in Amsterdam a month ago and I got asked for id almost every time, even when buying shrooms. If they let an underage person go in they are risking their business. Most coffee shops won't mind if you buy the weed and leave, so maybe smoke it by the canals or in your hotel.
  7. Go to the square and wait til some dudes either offer to sell you some or just start toking.

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