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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Liam West, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. Hey all, I'm going to Amsterdam next month (not my first time) and I wanna to smoke as many different types of weed as possible, but I don't mean strain. I mean different effects, I've smoked weed for a long time but where I live (south east Kent) hasn't got the widest variety of weed. So if someone could advise me on a few strains that stand out and vary over the different effects I.e head stoned, then body stoned etc etc, that would be great

    Edit: hard to write this whilst stoned so SIA if it doesn't make much sense
  2. blue dream is meant to be good, green crack stood out as a head high for me that makes you more social and cheese is quite good as well.
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  3. I heard the netherlands was trying to cut out weed tourism and move to a residents only system a few years ago.
    Did anything ever come of that? did it go away? Does it exist on paper but theres ways round it? Whats the deal nowadays?
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  4. I think that was just a little rumour going round. if they cut out tourism the city would probably lose 1/3rd of its revenue. would be an extremely silly thing for them to do
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  5. I've read somewhere that it lasted no longer than a year because 90% of the customers in coffee shops were tourists. Now it's up to the shops themselves to do as they please, but I don't see any reason why any shop would choose not to serve tourists "just cuz", it's literally throwing money out the window.
  6. Nothing ever came of it, they have said this every year for a long time now and when I went there last time a couple years ago it was just as easy to walk in and buy bud as it was when I went 6 years ago.

    To OP, the Amnesia Haze from Amnesia Coffee Shop is by far the best strain I have ever smoked, both times I was there it was amazing so I strongly recommend that. Also Wok to Walk for some really good and cheap stir fry type food, perfect for chilling and eating in Vondelpark with a fat J.
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  7. Check the current top strains for cannabis cup entries. Most recent cuts have been gorrilla glue #4 for that heavy indica, and while in Amsterdam look for Dutch treat.
  8. Yeah I tried there Amnesia, blew my head off! But thanks for the food tip, I just stuck to febo and McDonald's when I went lol
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  9. Haha, had quite a few late night/early morning visits to Febo. Their croquettes saved my life a few times. Plus I just like the whole automat thing, it cracks me up.

    Also I'd just hit up Grey Area, and see what's new and good. Small place, but I always thought they had some superior bud compared to many others.

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