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  1. I've been traveling a lot lately and had the fortune to see some really cool places for extended periods of time. I don't usually start a topic on here to praise one of them, but in Amsterdam's case it seems fitting to do so. It stands out enough for me to hype it and encourage anyone who's a smoker, or just wants to visit really cool places to go there.

    Everything you heard is true.

    I'm generally among the first to rip into cultural cliches, and after hearing for the 500th time how cool Amsterdam supposedly is, I was ready to consider the city nothing but a hype. Until we got there and the week became easily one of the most epic weeks I've ever had. This city is in a league of its own and I've lived in several major cities in the US and EU. Whether it's weed or unmentionables, this is your Mecca. Every 5th corner has a hint of weed smell on it. Coincidentally, >everyone< we met for an entire week was super chill and friendly. Of course just about everyone speaks English very well.

    Coffee Shops are everywhere. Some better, some worse, but most at least ok. Translation: If you're over 18, you can get elevated on every 10th corner or so. We've exited shops with joints in hand and strolled on to the next place continuously smoking. No one bats an eye, and every now and then you pass someone else who's smoking as well. Like mentioned, every 5th corner or so smells of it. Never reeks, but there is always that little hint. Then, once you step into some of the more crowded coffee shops, like our favorite Dampkring, you find out the meaning of the term multiperson hotbox. Meanwhile still, everyone is very polite, very chill. These might be hippies, but they are civilized 21st century hippies.


    Once elevated, this city is just built for your high. I generally do not like crowded areas when ultra elevated, but Amsterdam embraces the high. Because everyone is friendly, and the city is generally safe in the nicer areas of which there are a lot, it is very easy to feel relaxed and without paranoia even in very high states. This is the unmentioned benefit of this place. It's not just that weed is available. It is that once you're high, the city welcomes you. That is a big contrast to most other major cities in the world.

    In the many nice areas, there are colors everywhere, whether from shops or people or buildings. There is a lot of eye candy for even the sober mind. For someone high, it's on another level.
    The amount of mind blowingly delicious food everywhere around is absurd. It is a munchies paradise. There are cheese shops on every 3rd corner. GOOD cheese shops with dozens if not hundreds of samples. Every other block has some sort of pastry and dessert shoppe, generally with seating outside. Meanwhile, you are still surrounded with other coffee shops in case you want to refresh or step up your high. Sometimes we went in simply because the place looked cool and we wanted to hang out. Every 2nd block has a pub or restaurant with a ton of character.

    We went with 4 buddies of ours, so 6 people total, and everyone had a great time. Our group is rather picky and consensus is rarely achieved, but everyone agreed Amsterdam was in a league of its own. Everything you heard is true. If you can, go.


    Also hookers


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  2. Been there three times now, have loved every time. Me and my girlfriend were thinking about moving there when she had the possibility to transfer there for work. The weed is of course great, but I fell in love with the city as a whole. The scenery, the lifestyle, the culture. You'll have a historic church in one place, and then down the street you have a museum or a coffee shop lol

    It was interesting to see the quality of widely available weed in my area catch up to Amsterdam. When I first went there like 6 years ago the weed was amazing and blew away what I had available here. But the last time I went a few years ago, I was still impressed with the quality, but my local green has basically caught up with it. There were even a few strains, like super silver haze and blue dream, that I had better quality with at home then I did at some of the best shops in the Dam.

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  3. Been there many times,and yes i think everyones first thought is to move there lol

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  4. Great post!

    Along with everyone else, I can vouch for the Amsterdam experience. Went there for the first time in the summer of 2013 and would return in a heartbeat, even if all the coffee shops vanished. The culture and vibe the city has is unlike anything one can experience stateside. Dutch people are some of the friendliest in the world and there is a lot of history there. The only thing I would do differently is stay longer.
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  5. I'm surprise you were able to take a picture of the red light district considering the ladies don't generally appreciate photos. Especially around the old church. Good Post though.
  6. It was a web link. I respected their rules. I didn't think one of the "security" guys demonstrating high levels of Dutch Kickboxing on my stoned carcass would benefit anyone.

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  7. Yes, go to Amsterdam if you can.. Havent been in almost 3 years now (mainly because I was in prison for 2 years on a ganja charge and just got out recently) First time I went there was 10 years ago, and since then I went almost once or twice every year (except for these last 3 years)

    Great place to visit. Dont stay too short tho, be there for at least 1 week. minimum.

    Blessed to all.
  8. The Dutch are fantastic people.

    I love Holland, of the 5 times I've been since age 12, I've never met a sour soul and I've never had a bad time.

    (inb4 hey u racist dont judge an entire people by only a few)
  9. I would love to visit, I haven't been but have heard stories from friends who went.
    Amazing place to meet people and walk around, they said the bud wasn't good, compared to our local bud.
    I would still make plans to go there, as soon my as lazy ass gets a passport.
    Almost went to Germany last year, i dont think Amsterdam is too far.
  10. Have been many times over the years.

    Heading to Rotterdam next month for a few days, it is a more civilised and mature version oc the Dam imo. Well worth a look too.

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