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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by zackbmx, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Me and a few buddies are going to Amsterdam in 2 weeks!

    if anyone wants to tell any stories or recommend a coffee shop, please do!

    tokeee upp:hello::smoking:
  2. Tell us how it's going once you get there! I always love amsterdam stories :)
  3. I went to Amsterdam at the end of October for 10 days. What a wonderful place. My favorite coffeeshop was the Bulldog. You can get good pot most places but the Bulldog... there are about 5 locationsn have a very nice atmosphere, think English pub. Also the Bulldog runs a very nice hotel that has an excellent restaurant/bar with something other than Heinekin on tap and is pot friendly. Try the Bulldog Rockshop and ask for Stephen the manager. Really good guy from Ireland that will treat you right while you are there and point you in the right direction when its time to go. Tell him the guy from the States who has a daughter living in The Hague sent you. A lot of people head to Barney's because they have vaporizers. Cramped... like most coffeeshops. I had to stop by 3 times before I found an open volcano. Great place, hope you have fun.
  4. Go to greenhouse and Barney's,u absolutely have to go to both of those, 100%
  5. is greenhouse the coffee shop that strain hunters own? I will be certain to check these out!
  6. Some advice:

    You need a map (even with a map you'll probably still get lost)

    Sometimes it can be quite hectic with bikes, trams and buses fucking everywhere.

    Beware the tramps... If someone offers to help you, 9 times out of 10 they are a tramp and will ask you for money.

    Don't go to the grasshopper, it's fuckin expensive.

    All trams lead back to the central station so, if you get lost, it's a decent way to find your bearings.

    Some good coffeeshops: Hill street blues, the jolly joker, basjoes, the grey area

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