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Amsterdam with Parents??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by HMick47, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. Hi,
    So I'm in Europe currently and my parents have planned to meet me within a couple days to travel around a bit. One of the places were going to is Amsterdam and obviously I'm so excited on the weed cafes and stuff. I had planned on having edibles while there but my dad made a deal with me that I can only have some if my mom does as well (they're paying for the whole trip cause I'm pretty broke rn so I agreed) so we've kind of made a plan to have some cake together. My parents aren't normally so chill when it comes to weed (but it's Amsterdam so they're more casual) and I've never gotten baked with them so I'm kind of worried about what it's gonna be like. So I'm just wondering if it's a good idea or if anyone has ever smoked with a parent or something 'cause I'm really unsure about what it's gonna be like.
    Any tips????
  2. Well, from a parents prospective, I think mommy has been doing this before, and wants to try her first edible. Smoking with your parents? They are taking you there, she will probably be pretty funny. I have parties for my grown son, he is 25 and I make at least 100 jello shots for them. I also keep an eye out for smoking, which blows their mind as it is rare for me to do it. When I see them sneak around the side of my shed, I walk right up, and I hit it a couple times. And then smile and walk away. LOL;) Us old people like to have fun! This will be a good bonding experience. Now you know she is not going to bust your balls for smoking because she has probably smoked before. But my sons friends all tell him they wish his mom was their mom. RELAX! Your mom has requested this, unless you know something we do not. Like she has never smoked before. My husband has never, but does not mind if I do. I hope this helps!
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  3. I did with my mom as well . It was during a hurricane and had a few friends over we were smoking in the room and my mom just came in and hit it a few times . My mom was always cool with weed. She always said "just stay away from anything white". You will be cool
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