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  1. Ok guys... i plan on going to amsterdam sometime soon and i was wondering about how much $ a 2 week trip would cost me... i plan on smoking ALOT like always having a joint in my hand haha and im flying from cali.... can any1 give me a ball park price?
  2. 5k if you stay in nice hotels. If you stay in a hostile maybe 3k. The price of a gram at barneys is about 17 euros thats around 34us. It costed me and my wife around 12k to go the dam and paris for a 8 day trip. We stayed in posh hotels though. You have to keep in mind the exchange rate for every 1euro it will cost you roughly $2 us dollars.
  3. the euro went down the drain. is now $1.50/1 euro
  4. I went for new year 2000. 2 weeks cost me about 5-6k. But that's back when you got 2 guilders for 1 dollar, and before airlines started all this price gouging. I booked 3 weeks ahead and got round trip on delta for $560.
  5. my advice is dont go for two weeks

    seriously - a week is plenty

    if you want to keep costs down book the Botel - it's right near everything but tucked away enough to be quiet - the accomodation is basic but clean and the breakfasts are EXCELLENT - it's a real stoners hotel as well so no worries there

    If you want to go expensive then the Raddisson is excellent and pretty tolerant of stoners - unlike the Kraznapolski - they hate stoners!

    Personally, if I had 2 weeks i'd go to Amsterdam for a week and then train to Copenhagen and spend a week there in the coffee bars there - the women in Denmark are off the clock! :D
  6. We had a room at the radison sas and at one called hotel intell.
  7. the Radisson SAS is lovely - I stayed there for a stag do years ago

    the rooms were meant to be non smoking but as we staggered in at about 4am the desk staff handed us ashtrays to use

    LOL :smoking:
  8. We set off a smoke alarm while there were hookers passed out in our bathroom so we didn't want to open the door when the firemen and the hotel manager came to our room, and we ended up having to pay a 500 guilder fine.
  9. go for canna cup 09. if you book now the price including the judges pass will be a little under 3400. thats air fare, commuting fare to and from the hostle, all the free weed and hash you can "judge" and you dont have to buy any weed, since you are "judging" all of it. ch ch ch ch ch cha check it out.
  10. Hahahahhaaha
  11. I remember weed being one of the cheapest things there. I think I got 2.1 grams of jack herrer for 50 guilders, which was about $25US. Maybe it's more expensive now. I've heard that alot of coffeeshops have been closed, but when I went they were everywhere. You couldn't walk 2 blocks without seeing several it seemed. Also, if you've never been, when you get there, people will approach you about every 100 feet asking if you want cocaine, extacy, or china white. They just say, "cocaine? extacy? china white?" It's hilarious.
  12. classic shit :D

    be careful dude - you DO have to pay for weed even if you're judging - they hand out vape bags with free samples in but on the whole you have to pay for the bud ;)

    man, every bridge you get harrassed!

    the guys outside the sex shows are worse - some classic lines we've heard over the years include: -

    "hey you, familiar face ....................."

    "you want to shee a sex show you can shmell from the third row?"

    "hey guysh, you need a wank?"

    funny and annoying at the same time when you're mashed! :smoking:
  13. be careful dude - you DO have to pay for weed even if you're judging - they hand out vape bags with free samples in but on the whole you have to pay for the bud ;)

    AHHH i see, fuckin cousin :/ always exaggerates. thanks for that clear up!!
  14. You don't HAVE to stay in Amsterdam, the entire country is cool. I rode the train from Germany to Amsterdam and walked around awhile and enjoyed everything and could not find any type of lodging, so I slept on a park bench til the next morning and spent all day making my way to the Centraal to take a train outta there.

    Ended up going to Deventer where I stayed 4 days for 70Euro a night and enjoyed my stay there very much.

    btw, I think my airfare was around $700. You can stay as long as you like, you just have to go to a good website and get mid-week flights, no weekend stuff.
  15. made me LOL so freakin hard +rep
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