Amsterdam trip in 9days, any ideas?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dougdomo, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Title says it all. I am staying in Dam square, and was wondering about any cool places to go/see, I am also going to Belgium and possibly Paris. Paris I have been to so I am familiar with the territory. Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  2. get very baked and go see the Louvre.
    Well thats what i'd do, and maybe to check out the Vatican lol
  3. I just want information on Amsterdam really. I have already been baked and went to the Louvre, and let me tell you, it was awesome.
  4. red light district. van gough museum.
  5. Red light distric....I am still 40-60 about picking up a.....I mean going to the red light district *cough* *cough*. Van Gough Museum looks sweet.
  6. Go to the heinekin brewery :hello:
  7. We were thinking about that....but then we said, why not the Stella artois Brewery in Belgium?!?! I lived off heineken in fact, it's what caused me to pee on the Eiffel tower. Another dude was doing it, so I said act like the french do, lmfao.
  8. Visit them back to back:smoke:
  9. Oh shit. I should eat truffles that day......just for good luck and all ya know?
  10. there are tons and tons and tons of sites on things to do and see in amsterdam

    the van gough museum is good, the cannabis museum is good, sex museum, torture museum, take a canal tour, stop in at the banana bar (i won't ruin it for you if you don't know what it is, one of amsterdams little gems) coffee shops and bars everywhere. rent a bike and just fuck around the city man its not like there isn't anything to do haha

    Belgium is nice, fuck france IMO.
  11. [quote name='pawlywog']take a anal tourQUOTE]

    That's what I read at first.

    Haha, anal tour.
  12. Enjoy yourself and dont worry about a thing
  13. eat some magic mushrooms, and smoke as much weed as possible at all times. and just walk around the city all day, its awesome..
  14. last i can recall shrooms are now illegal in the netherlands. but gettin blazed and walking around is amazing, amsterdam is a friendly "walking" city
  15. Truffles are still legal, which do about the same thing. I never plan trips, I like to just stumble into things. Just seeing if anyone who has been there, found like a back street place that isn't well know, but still uber cool.
  16. lets not let this turn into a thread about other drugs guys i don't wanna close/delete this
  17. Sorry dude. Just correcting a statement. No, but really, I am just looking for some places to see that might not be listed on the interwebzz. The road less traveled, but that has ton of gold an' shit on it. So to speak. Lol.
  18. i understand. good luck finding something that isn't on the internet. EVERYTHING is on the internet haha

    i live here man, look at my post before this for some ideas. the heineken experience is fun, and the canal tours are too. it gives you a different view of the city and its easier to cover more in less time. renting a bike is also fun, the whole city is constantly moving, you get different view from every angle. walking, biking, on a boat you see different things different ways

    that and the plethora of bars and coffee shops isn't bad either. what exactly are you looking for? you asked for fun things to do and there have been tons of suggestions already?
  19. Just brain storming. I am obviously going to be baked out of my mind for a portion of the trip, though this is not the sole purpose of the trip as I can do that here for less. I am going to check out the hash and hemp museum, the Van Gouge Museum, and we are thinking of hitting up Haarlem for a a little side trip since it is so close. Other then that no clue. A sex show would be awkwardly hilarious so probably that. I REALLLLLY want to go to a "techno" rave, so we were thinking about the dance club ESCAPE. Other then that I don't like planing a whole lot. I would rather just get some ideas of "fun stuff" that is out of the norm. Like in my town, we have a little bar that is a real chill spot to hang out at for an hour or two, but if you search online for "cool stuff to do in *censored*" you will not get a result of that spot. If you live there, then I am sure you understand what I am trying to explain:smoke:
  20. Everyone, seriously though, thanks a million for the tips. This is going to be an epic adventure, here's hoping I come back alive.

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