Amsterdam to stop tourists smoking?

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  1. Is this true me & some friends are planning a trip in feb 2012.. If so when is this happnin ?
  2. I don't think so. I'm going there in June and I'm gonna be hella pissed if I can't smoke
  3. I'm only from Scotland it's only an hour flight :D! Never been so excited, fed up with the stuff here.
  4. I also had heard this and put my trip on hold until I hear some confirmation.
  5. there is talks of making it illegal again in the country, nothing serious has happened yet. even in june you should be alright even if they do plan do go ahead with it! have a sickening time!
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  7. No way, I'm going in February ?!?!
  8. I would suggest a change of plans
  9. just make some friends and have them go in and pick the strains out you would like to try. honestly why you want to go smoke there bud other then was legal to nothing else was different. in my opinion there buds to me have always seemed harsh and tasted like not flushed properly. now remember that's just my opinion from stuff i have personally tried which i aint tried all the strains from any coffee shop but i have tried over 100 different strains that were dutch grown.

    i myself prefer those same strains when grown back at home way more when they get flushed properly (it's not legal for even seed-banks to grown buds to sell but can make seed. or so all the friends of mine there tell me so. I've also heard that it's legal to grow just like 3 or 4 plants not sure if per person or per house or how amount is figured. but like said that is just stuff a couple people who live there have told me so it's more of a he said she said type thing

    but none the less since mid 1990's i aint went into seed-bank or coffee shop (yes I'm paranoid type) and lets face it cops there as well as customs and local cops I'm sure at least watch people who regularly travel to the dam for signs of growing to try and get an easy bust (remember uncle SAM has been pumping tons of funds to the dam to try to get them to shut down there seed sales dating back to the days of the triple s seed-bank) so I'm sure there is local cops there who keep tabs on there local coffee-shop to watch for Americans and at least report that they visited this or that marijuana shop (whether coffee-shop or seed-bank.) even more so if the local cops see the person leaving with package or packages and know that the person aint from the dam or UK

    that's why i have friends I've made over the 20+ years i been going to the dam to pick up what i want to try to smoke or grow for me. last 3 years i aint even went to the dam the UK has legal seed sales for collectors of seeds and prices are at least from where i get them are same priced as the seed-bank sells them for (thus now my passport never shows I'm going to a country that can smoke and buy marijuana legally) go to UK and do the whole tourist thing going to art galleries temples all the kind of stuff normal tourists do and take tons of pictures to prove you were there as tourist and nothing else. also don't travel with lots of money or
    Prepaid credit cards (either of those if caught with and then drugs also you will more then likely loss them and that money) that's why it's so important to make friends who after you return home if they were true friends will trust you with a few hundred bucks till get home. if don't and if you don't trust them you can do a bank to bank wire transfer once you get to there place but that then shows money coming from you to them so if you do do it that away make sure the person that has money transferred into there account for you don't grow and don't deal anything just in-case crap hits the fan and worst thing happens is there house gets searched if you get busted (so feds don't try to get your friend in on some kind of federal rap)
  10. also got a comment bout this or question actually.

    OK so tourists cant go to coffee shops now what about the tourist who are legal medical patients as a legal patient I'd think the dutch government would make a consideration for legal medical smokers or eaters. like say they legal medical person had to bring there card and or paper work with them (including id and SSN card) to prove they are who they say they are. to me the dam should at least show the same as all the med states do (meaning if you travel to other med state you can get your Meds as your card and paperwork say you are allowed to have in a med state you don't live in)

    so any ideas on if medical people who have all there paperwork in-order allowed to go to coffee-shops since if you think about it would anyplace that has the meds that a person legally prescribed by doctor if got refused there mads and something life-threatening happened to them could in fact sue for not being allowed to get the meds that they required (but honestly if person is that sick that a week or 2 with-out marijuana could kill them they shouldn't be traveling like that in the first place)

    but still interested in anybody from Holland who has seen the new law can say for sure if legal medical users with all the paperwork in order are allowed into the shops or not (i know a person who since got told had stage 4 liver cancer 4 years ago has went to the dam at least once a year couple years they went twice a year) and if don't know for sure if med users can or can't go to shops if you could ask and find out you can pm me with what your told if you want

  11. I'm pretty sure medical cannabis isn't permitted in Amsterdam and I would say that you have a 99.9% chance of persuading a countries law from another countries medical cannabis card. I know it sucks and going to coffee shops is like the trophy of even going there for tokers but blame prohibition for the ban of tourists.
  12. I'm here now, business as usual in Amsterdam. According to some locals, Amsterdam itself will not see changes. Funny how the cup got busted today.
  13. Its not January 1st lol
  14. it says it's for the southern provinces. it also says in that article that it won't come into effect for another year, so it'll be january 1, 2013 until it hits the dam.

    "The measure will come into force for the [southern] provinces of Limburg, North-Brabant and Zeeland"

    amsterdam is in the north... i don't think the dam will be affected.
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    Yea, i think its only to do with the borders, people going in and grabbing 5g from each coffee shop and bringing it back.
  16. Are these shenanigans still perpetrating?
    "Foreign visitors will be banned from cannabis-selling coffee shops in southern Netherlands from January 1 to combat anti-social behaviour among tourists"

    very first sentence in the article linked

    please learn basic comprehension
  17. So is it this january or next? We also planned a trip for the second week of january but haven't pulled the trigger yet. What a bummer.
  18. I hope your right. I have to fly to Vienna in June and wanted to swing through the dam for my first time.
  19. yea its not till Jan 1st 2013 so hurry up and go this summer!

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