Amsterdam Smokable Expenditures

Discussion in 'General' started by BlueBerrySmoke, Aug 4, 2001.

  1. Hello, I am putting together an estimation of how much cash I will need just for marijuana (well, maybe some hash too) during my Amsterdam vacation.

    Now I am a heavy mj smoker, but the shit I have to smoke does not contain the high levels of THC that Amsterdam stuff does. So I do not expect to have to smoke as much as I do at home just to get buzzed. And that is about the extent of it too, just "get buzzed", I want to really get totally wasted! Like real marijuana supposed to make you feel.

    So I am going to Amsterdam. I will be staying for 2 weeks, yes, 14 days!! I definitely plan on smoking every single day I am there, as long as I have enough available cash to keep up my habit.

    How much $$$$ will I need? :eek:
  2. Much appreciated Woody for the most excellent information. Now I have exactly what I need to finish my cost estimation. This trip is going to be the greatest. Thanks,
  3. damn, thats where me and *L* are going when and if we graduate. weed as far as the ye can see, and its not illegal... better than heaven.
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  4. im going there for senior spring break! fuck getting drunk at cancun. hopefully our band will take off and we will go there to tour. dreams, so many dreams. :D
  5. I was at a coffee shop out in Amsterdam and it was a pretty cheap one. We only had like 15 min to do our shit, so we did it quickly. He had like a small bong made out of plastic and a small metal pipe, so it was a pretty cheap coffee house. But they were sellin White Widow for $12 for 2.2 grams. Hash I dont know the price of b/c my friend bought it and not me. I'd say you'd need about $100 or so on weed. I think that would suffice...
  6. What does good expensive hash look like?
  7. Can u plzz come and take me wit come on be a pal you can doooo ittttt... well have a ball man
  8. First of all, don't buy too much, remember - you can't bring it back with you! I usually spend about 50 Euros a week. The weed is great, but you can get great weed here in the USA! I suggest you try a lot of different kinds of hash! If you really want to trip out, go to De Dampkring coffee shop and sample their "Moonshine" hash! It is very expensive, about 20 Euros a gram, but it is worth every penny! Treat yourself! Check out for some tips!

  9. It's dark. Very dark. But you must feel it, too. It's supposed to be a bit sticky and soft. Means it's still got a lot of oil in it.
  10. there is bubble hash too from what ive herd it will mess you up properly

    and my friends told me they ate some of the nicest mushies they've gotten in a'dam for like reeaall cheap
  11. WOW,, what an OLD Thread!!!

    I had forgotten all about this forum,, since I posted that I have been to AMS 6 times now,, goin agin in NOV....... whoo hooo 24 days til Blastoff ;)

    man have I learned alot since then.....

  12. DUDE, 24 day count down is on for me as well? What the hell? Where you coming from? NY?
  13. yup

    NOV 14-21

    doin a Coffeeshop Crawl on the 19th

    more the Merrier!!

    hope to see ya there man

  14. Nov 17-27 for me :smoke: Going to be a judge at the Cannabis Cup :smoking:

    I'd love to smoke with any blades here at the city over there :)

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