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Amsterdam shipping

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by camtoke5, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. Hey Im going on a school trip(college) to amsterdam soon. I would love to get some herb back to the states.

    1) customs is probably a bitch, esp. from amsterdam
    2) Mailing it i cant use a fake name because it wont get delivered to me at college.
    3) Cant mail it home to sketchy with my parents

    any suggestions about how tight customs is and what would be some good ideas

    dont post bullshit like your stupid/dont try it/look up the other threads about it none of them answer these questions
  2. could buy a condom...
  3. Why? If you looked hard enough around where you live you could find bud just as good as what is in Amsterdam.
  4. po box?
  5. Alright well if you mail it to a house near you, that is on sale at the time, - no one lives in it. So the last day you mail it to that house 2-3 days shipping by the time you get home you go to the house and wait, act like your the owner stay in backyard and what not.
  6. umm, you do know that a law was just passed within the past few weeks that made it so tourists can no longer buy weed there right?
  7. legally.
  8. source?

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