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Amsterdam prices...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by D.F.T. Blazzin, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. whats the average price of bud in Amsterdam...? by me in new jersey its pretty much about $20 for 1g...$60 for an 1/8.....
  2. jesus 20 for a gram? that is 560 an oz in sales. i can get and oz im MN for 265 of high bistro
  3. im pretty sure the prices are about the same. Maybe a little cheaper in some places and more expensive in others. But theres so much variety it doesnt matter.
  4. youre paying too much. make friends with a drug dealer.
  5. if he's tallkin bout dank, dats a steal. im payin 75 an 8th:mad:
  6. I was in Amsterdam at the beginning of October, and most places it was anywhere from 8-12 euros for about a gram and a half. Of course some places had way better deals, and they ALL had more expensive stuff.
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    I live in Amsterdam.
    The cheapest weed you'll find is about 5 euro's/gram.
    And that isn't bad weed, they don't sell anything in a coffeeshop that they won't smoke themselves.
    I personally only smoke haze, with an exception for Cheese.

    these are the prices of some weeds in amsterdam;

    white widow : 7 euro
    AK47 ; 7 euro
    Ocean's 12 haze: 12 euro
    NYDiesel : 11 euro
    Amnesia: 10 euro
    Orange Bud : 8 euro
    BigBuddhaCheese: 12 euro
    Great White : 14 euro (for those who don't know this, great white is exactly thesame as Snowwite, only they spray the thc from the little nugs they dont sell on big nugs, so you have an extremely thc-rich weed)
    K2: 6 euro
    Pepsi : 7 euro

    All prices are per gram.
    These are all strains i can remember now.
    You can get a gram of hash between 4 and 15 euro's. However they also sell hash from 50-60 euro for ONE gram. but nothing between that 15euro and 50-60euro/gram
  8. It seems to average around 8-15 euros a gram, which currently converts to around $10-20 per gram.
  9. Professor X this is a stupid question considering you live there but how often do you visit the grey area? that was my favorite place last time i was out there..Chocolope ftw
  10. Off the top of my head i can remember a cafe i went to, 2 grams for 15 euros. In another one i got just under an eigth for 20 euros, hope it helps.
  11. Wow, I can't even imagine 60 euro a gram hash. That has to be like really smooth blonde in color.

  12. thats if he rids it by g's

    if he got rid of it by 1/2's it wouldnt be 560 an oz.
  13. i hate living in New Jersey. all the weed is so over priced
  14. ^ I've not been having any problems here in Jersey with tree prices, with dank anyway. If you want mids, haha, have fun.
  15. if your paying this much for good weed, you need to move your ass somewhere else, grow it yourself or just post in a different section of the forums. lol.
  16. when i live in germany i went to amsterdam once but ive smoked all of those varieties except pepsi
    but most of my smokin happened in maastricht
    it was the shit
    and in maas
    hash was only like 5-15 a gram
    katama hash is dank
    so in black afghan
  17. 60 for an eighth? must be some good shit. i can get an eighth for about 45 - 50 bucks of some decent shit.
  18. Through my dealer in the burbs of chicago, it's $20 a gram, $50 an eighth, and $300 an oz.
    All dank.
  19. i can get some bomb ass cron for 75 an o what are you guys buying is it that good or what

  20. how much weight's in a 5 sack?

    I'm sincerely sorry, and ill blow my smoke in your general direction this evening.

    thats just a rough ticket man:(

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