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Amsterdam pickups...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ng_hammy, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Hey all, just thought I'd throw up a few pictures and a short description of buds from one of my recent trips to Amsterdam.

    First though, can I apologise for the picture quality. They were all taken still in the baggies as I was constantly stoned out my skull and the pictures wouldn't have been much better out of them anyway; I have an awful digital camera. Anyway, it gives you an idea.

    Also, none of these are full deals/grams, they had already been smoked out of... no scamming when budtenders weigh it in front of you :)


    Silver Haze, The Green Place €12/g

    Smell: Fruity, with piney hints
    Taste: Hazey, piney taste
    High: Lofty, very sativa high
    Overall: 8/10


    Orange Bud, Basjoe €7/g

    Smell: Skunky, maybe a hint of orange
    Taste: Nice strong skunky flavour, heavy indica
    High: Couch lock, strong stone
    Overall: 7/10


    G13 Haze, Amnesia €13/g

    Smell: Piney, fruity... pineapple?
    Taste: Very strong haze taste, piney, fruity.
    High: Strong head buzz, strong sativa
    Overall: 9/10


    Neville's Haze, 420 Cafe €13/g
    Smell: Grapefruity sour hazey smell...
    Taste: Grapefruit...
    High: Very strong buzz, chatty, floaty high. Strongest sativa.
    Overall: 9.5/10 (best bud of the trip, but not perfect... no 10)


    420 Kush, 420 Cafe €12/g

    Smell: Kush... nothing extraordinary.
    Taste: ... can't remember
    High: Extreme couch lock, strongest indica of trip.
    Overall: 9/10

    That trip was awesome, we smoked over 25 strains in 4 days. These are just the pics I actually managed to take in my semi-conscious state.
    Well, I'm hopefully back in Amsterdam soon as it's only a 45 minute flight for me :D so I should get some more... hopefully better as well.
  2. No loving... :(
  3. It looks like you had a wonderful Amsterdam trip!

    Lots of great herb!!

    I'd gladly smoke any of that dank!
  4. How did tryin to take that home workout? Hahah

  5. Postal services not involving trans-atlantic flights or crazy DEA agents works well enough... :p
  6. nice buds, yeh how'd you get it home?
    a few of my friends are thinking of posting it back...not sure if it's a very good idea.
  7. 45 minutes away damn thats lucky as an american i have to pay an assload just to fly to europe. Would love to go, but I can't afford it ha ha ha if I lived that close I could. I would make videos and take pictures of everything I consumed and reviews for travlers what are the best and worst coffeeshops for well grown buds. I heard they sometimes rush the proccess and some growers don't even flush it out properly.

  8. Posting seems to work, I'm a member on another forum (ACD) and everyone there seems to have about a 8 or 9 /10 success rate. Bearing in mind even if you do get caught you only get a letter saying illegal contraband, no knock at door. You just don't go and pick it up.

    If you stick to the reputable places then you should be fine. It's only the back street coffeeshops that would regularly have badly dried or flushed buds. The best and most well known (Barney's, Dampkring etc) are pretty much a safe bet for all their buds 99% of the time.

    Yeah, I feel for any Americans man. I try and get to Amsterdam twice a year, but for me that's only like $200 flights... for you I'm guessin that'd be nearer $2000.
  9. so thats the green in amsterdam?im not impressed :( although im not there to smell/taste/feel/smoke so i cant realy judge it i guess

  10. thats good to know I was thinking that would be case. Barney's always has ads in hightimes so i can imagine thats true. A year or so ago I read a forum how amsterdam bud is grown poorly by someone who went there.

  11. That's fuckin what's uppp! Haha. I'll pm you my address real quick and you can send me some samples. Hahaha
  12. you should have got some blue cheese from Barneys
  13. there's better weed than that, pretty much any weed you can imagine
  14. Nice buds, but that's like 26 dollars Canadian for a gram.

  15. Yeah, there is better weed than that true. But that stuff is top shelf, the pictures REALLY let it down. Like 0.5g will put you on your arse for hours if you ain't used to the strength.

    Yep, Amsterdam is expensive. It's partly tourism and partly the backdoor nature of operating a dicriminilization policy; illegal to grow, 'tolerated' to sell and possess. Gives the shops a grey area in law still as they cannot obtain 'legal' weed. Legalize, tax and regulate!


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