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Amsterdam.... Is it worth it....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Coma Stoned, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. My roommate is constantly talking about going to Amsterdam.... HE has his 1000 bucks saved up and wants me to go with him... I know you cant smoke everwhere... And i know the bud anit free and its gonna Cost me a Fortune... He wants to go to the cannbis CUp which would be nice to say i went to.... But is it worth all the hassle of 1000 bucks?
  2. i loved it can just walk into a coffeeshop and buy weed, sit there and smoke was sunny while i was there, and then i'd go sit in the vondelpark, and watch the world go by, you could go buy a beer and toke up in the street, sitting with your beer............the way it was explained to me as far as rules go, it's can smoke outside the coffeeshops, but have some consideration, don't do it in front of children and old people etc, or if someone complains..........whioch no-one ever did...........some shadier coffeeshops you can drink alcohol, and smoke......."the're not meant to see alcohol in the same part of the pub, but this one did.........but to be there for the cannabis cup, will be a bit more expensive and full of tourists, and possibly higher prices............i went in May.......i'll be going back, that's for sure.........Peace out........Sid
  3. Yes, I think its totally worth it. I've already made plans for the CC. Its gonna be a blast. Ya, basically the rules are you can smoke in coffeeshops and in your home, but your generally not supposed to do it in public, not that thats stopped me. As long as you do it kind of discreetly, nobody will say anything to you. Just pretend like its a cigarette. A lot of people roll there own cigarettes here anyways, so a joint really doesn't look that out of place. And most people don't even think twice about the smell anymore. Just watch out for pickpockets if you are going to be stoned in A'dam. I hear there are people just waiting for stoned foreigners to come along. Keep your eyes open and you should be fine.
  4. How much does it cost for 2 people to go to amsterdam?
  5. I got a question too. Say you got some bud, are you allowed to just go into any coffe shop and start smoking it? or do you need to buy some from them?

    Amsterdam, one day we WILL meet.

  6. I really doubt they would throw you out because you were smoking some bud that you didn't buy from them. If I was doing that then I would atleast buy a drink or something from them. Coffeeshops tend to be really relaxed layed back environments. Almost everybody is really friendly. Its kind of like a public living room. You just go there and chill. Listen to the music, watch tv, have a drink, whatever. I saw an interesting statistic the other day regarding the number of fights in bars and clubs compared with coffeeshops. I don't remember the exact numbers, but the number of fights in bars/clubs are on the rise, while fights in coffeeshops are basically non-existant. Imagine that.

  7. Umm, it depends. :) You could probably find a plane ticket around $500-700. Maybe a little more. Ofcourse you could swim... As far as spending money, thats up to you. Most hotels probly run 30-60 Euros a night. I think the exchange rate at the moment is like 1 Euro=1.15 USD. Living expenses and food really aren't that much more than in the US. Maybe a little because of the exchange rate. Beer tends to be pretty cheap here though. And good bud is around 5-12 Euros per gram.
  8. I have a querstion, are mushrooms legal in A'dam?
    wow... 5-12 a gram huh... for the good stuff? So if i just wanted to smoke some say, midgrade or some nuggets, it'd be like 5 bucks a gram?
  9. yea shrooms are legal in the dam, you can buy shrooms in alot of head shops in the uk, it's great.
    There's one about 20 minutes from where i live :)

    Or try

    Btw about Amsterdam yes i think it would be worth going, you only live once, just go and get high LEGAL, not that it makes that big a deal anyway,but yea if i had 1000 bucks i would go no question about it.
  10. is there an age limit to buy green in the dam, o and how good do reckon the chances of getting weed back is, coz the customs in the uk is getting pritty tight?
  11. Whoa that an expensive flight from thr U.S. In th uk you can fly to amsterdam for as little as about £30 return = maybe $70.

  12. Damn, 70 bucks to fly to Dam....!! You lucky bastard, if I was in the UK i'll be flying there every weekend..
  13. can some more people that went to Amsterdam give more stories about there experiences. I really want to go there after college and i did already start saving. So i want to know some more good features about Amsterdam that will make me want to go there, besides it being legal to blaze up. THanks

  14. ...just come in, had a puff and saw this post...i'm in the mood to ramble...

    ...yeah 'heat_blitz' is right...earlier this year me and my girlfriend went to 'dam from London for £67 return for both...once out of the station you have loadsa trams and folks on bikes criss-crossin in front of thats one thing you gotta remember when your wasted out there...LOOK BOTH WAYS...AND BOTH WAYS AGAIN - take a tram or just walk (you'll do miles of that looking for your digs at 3 in the mornin)...our 'trip' to the Van Gogh museum - hi on jack herer - was a go'er...and when you get munched up theres loadsa cafes, stalls and bars... we went to the Milk Bar and saw some band from Norway just for the hell of it! I did look at hiring a canal boat for a few days on the web...not too expensive and i always think lookin at the city from a different viewpoint: low down on the river looking up at the long, tall, thin houses on canal side would be cool...we did spark up in cafes with weed we had left over from the previous place and it was never a long as you buy a drink/skins/cigarettes they'll be fact everything was cool...everyone was cool...just watch out for the guys appearin from the shadows offerin you other shit - i liked the fact that you could get totally lost at nite in the narrow sidestreets on your hunt for the next cafe but feel safe ...the centre is not that big so you'll find your way...i've been in Feb and July - in winter its a bit grim...julys just right to sit outside in a square, stoned with a beer, watchin some sideshow or street art...then theres the redlight district - gotta go and have a 'look' for the experience...and if you u go there and you don't have a partner and ur feelin horny...try might like it! (is that out of order?!) last thing...we stayed on the top floor of a cheap hotel (for the view)....there were 134 that 4 times a day on smokers lungs and you know about it...YOU GOTTA GO...
  15. That is definitely my goal 1 day...go to Amsterdam. I've wanted to go ever since a friend of mine that lives in Athens, Greece told me how beautiful it is. He drives up there every so often & stays a week or 2, then e-mails me pictures & tells me how good a time he had...I'm gonna kill him! No I'm kidding, but it definitely makes me want to go when I hear how fun it was. Why can't the whole world be like Amsterdam?
  16. I was thinking of going over spring break... is that gonna be too cold??

    All I really have to pay for is plane fare and food/pott. My dad has time share there and says it's cool for me to use it.
  17. mmmmmmm amsterdamn

  18. I'd rather have cannabis than a can of piss anyday of the week, except Friday nights

  19. No, shouldn't be too cold. No worse than Colorado.

  20. The official legal age is 18 for weed and hard liquor, 16 for beer/cigarettes, but I've NEVER been carded ANYWHERE and I've been here for 3 months now (I'm 20). Basically if you are old enough to put the money on the counter, you shouldn't have a problem. But then again, since you have to be 18 to be on these forums, I'm sure nobody here should have that problem anyways :) Personally I'm not gonna chance going through customs with weed on me. Too big a chance. Not worth it.

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