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  1. hey fellas got a great opportunity to get to Europe and to Amsterdam for the first time. Haven't really talked to anyone that has been there before so I was going to put together a short (but detailed) list of the best coffeeshops while I'm there and which ones you enjoyed the most. I know the popular ones that come up and I have seen in plenty of high-times movies have been dampring, barneys, greenhouse etc...but I did was wondering if there were other more localized shops that were also just as great and exciting to try. I'll be able to spend roughly 5 days in Amsterdam from the 19-24. I'll also be going to Ibiza Spain for Amnesia and the Deftones in London.
  2. I would definitely be interested in some sort of list like that, I plan to go there some day. Can't really help you though, haven't known anyone who's been there.

    However, since you're lucky enough to be going (you bastard!), I wish a safe trip and a good time.:smoke:
  3. u lucky mfucker.

    i wouldnt mind bein there...

    unfortunately i cant help you with the coffee shops..


    hopefully someone can help you out..

    if not.. you can try nd message PAWLYWOG.

    i believe he is currently livin there or by there.

  4. With the trip getting closer I actually found some decent websites online that had some good reviews of 20-25 shops that I know I plan on attempting to visit depending on how Long we stay in each one. Me and my other buddy appreciate great weed so this is definitely a trip I have always dreamed about and thankfully am able to go on. It's just going to be great to finally be able to really enjoy the herb with other people that look at it and care as much about it as I do. This trip will probably determine where I go once I graduate this spring as far as trying to find a job in Colorado or overseas as I hope things progress here more but I have a dream of getting to Colorado, Oregon or even Washington just so I can start to work on a nice little business.

    Thanks for the well wishes and I will definitely send pawlywog a message once I get over there.
  5. I would probably send pawlywog a message now in seek of coffeeshop infornmation and other cool shit to check out in Amsterdam!

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