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Amsterdam here i come!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sidious, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. yes, i'm off to Amsterdam for my b/d......My g/f has kindly paid for the holiday for me..... ya gotta luv her!......and whilst and woody are gonna smoke the place dry there gonna be asking us to grow it for"and what would you like sir?"......"mmmm yes i think i'll have some white widow for starters, and then some power plant for the main course and fished off with a little ice!....".........yeahhhhhhh!!.......Peace out......Sid
  2. nice one sid! Amsterdam is always like a dream cause ya always smashed outta ya face. i hope ya have a nice birthday and have a nice session wid woody!
  3. ahhhh your so luck!!!! have fun...hey just out of curiousity, how much does weed cost in the coffee shops?
  4. I have to save up some money with my friends so we can go there for a week or so.. :smoke:
  5. you lucky basterd...!
    I was plannin on doin it this summer, but a round trip costs 800 FREAKIN BUX!!

    couldnt afford it! :(
    anyway, have fun, n toke all day!!
  6. where is it anyways?
  7. when ya going.... im goin too......hopefully( if everything is right till departure)...
  8. Somewhere in Holland I'm pretty sure. I know that's where woody is. Woody also told me that weed there is like 5 euro a gram or something in the coffee shops, which is amazing. I want to go there so bad. Sid, I hope you and woody have a good time. I wish I was right there with you!

  9. Okay, we need to make up a word which is defined by: "jealous to the power of jealous times envy"

    Dude, you have no freakin idea how jealous i am of you right now....

  10. Prices are pretty good actually, especially for what you get. When I went over Christmas, most of it was between 3 Euro and 12 Euro a gram. The Euro is pretty close to the US $ (atleast last time I checked, it was like $ 1 = .95 Euro)

    Amsterdam is the shit!! It looks like I'll be back there in the fall on an exchange program, I can't wait. :D

  11. It sucks for Canadians tho :(

    Our dollar is so crappy that a gram would cost almost 10 bucks (canadian)...

    Oh well, the thought of being able to smoke in a coffee shop and CHOOSE the strain would be absolute heaven and I would pay the extra amount for that...
  12. One day, after I've saved up enough money, I'm going to
    Amsterdam for three weeks. I don't need a five star hotel.
    All I need is a smoking room, a bed to sleep in, and a

  13. [Hulk Hogan Voice]HELL YEAH BROTHER!![/Hulk Hogan Voice]
  14. tnx blades.....and i will most definetely blast a few bongs over there for you's........Peace out........Sid
  15. make sure you go to some large dance party and eat mushrooms too :D
  16. Have a good time, Sid!!! Pictures...don't forget to take pictures!!!

    It's your birthday, huh? Happy Birthday, dude!!!! :)
  17. well it will be on the 10th of May, but tnx in out......Sid
  18. yes....i will get lots of pics of course......with the faces blurred first.......Peace out.....Sid
  19. Smoke a big fatty for me that is my dream Vacation there!

    Peace and have a safe tripp!

    Attached Files:

  20. i'll smoke a few for all the blades here at the city.......Peace out......Sid

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