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Discussion in 'General' started by Legend, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Ok, I wrote a whole fucking essay and I pressed backspace on my laptop and I have to write everything again, FUCK.

    I'm opening a coffeeshop in Amsterdam, for those who don't know what that is, it's a coffeeshop which sell cannabis legally!
    I'm hoping to get the liecense sooner than later.

    Led Zeppelin will be the name of the shop and the theme will evolve around Led Zeppelin too.
    I'm starting off on a smaller scale, like 15-20 seating capacity, cool sofas etc, with LCD Plasma TV showing concerts, music videos and other physedellic stuff.
    Here's what got me exicited- The dealer's booth will be like 5-7 steps up, and I will design a cool booth, with the title stating ' Stairway to Heaven' and cool design surronding it, and I will def sell top notch grass.

    I will post the design pictures soon.

    Any ideas? comments?
  2. yeah. find out how much everything costs. then tell me.
  3. What about Edit - Undo?
  4. To the point people, gimme idea's.. come on, send me art...
    It's a dreamjob... my partner and I are seriously gonna do this!!

    I got the idea from the Pink Floyd coffeeshop, but what the hell. :d
  5. yeah, or even ctrl-z, or command z if you have an apple.
  6. Wouldn't using the name " Led Zeppelin" as your store name be a Copywright infringment?
  7. Should we be doing the work for you?

    How about, you just make us manager. with benefits. then we'll talk.
  8. You want people on the interweb to give you ideas and artwork for a business proposition you haven't even seriously looked into?

    Here's a idea/comment for ya:

    If you're that serious about something, how about giving it your all, not ours...

    Were you going to try and take over an existing shop somehow? I don't think they allow news one to open nowadays.

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