Amsterdam coffeeshop atmosphere

Discussion in 'General' started by dillion, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone
    I went amsterdam a couple years ago and at night came across this crazy coffeeshop. It was in a street with a canal down the middle but it was quite remote as in there were not any coffeeshops or anything around it. There was this one coffeeshop and it had an amazing 80's vibe to it.. was buzzing.. had colours, music, people smoking using different tools and I was simply overwhelmed!
    I dont remember what it was called unfortunately but does anyone have an idea of similar types of club type coffeeshops which have an amazing trippy and chilled atmosphere?
    cheers ;-)

  2. No luck with this guys :-(
  3. No dude, you're still in the troposphere:smoking:
  4. :-( how about pick your fave dam coffeeshop.. Need ideas here
  5. Try The greenhouse, Dampkring, and Barneys. I think the streetname is Haarlemmerstraat.

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