Amsterdam - 1st visit

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  1. So me and my 3 other mates have just got back from A-dam just a few days ago!. The smell of weed is just about everywhere i was smiling as soon as i was out of the taxi! It was just how you would all imagine A-Dam!
    We stayed in a best western hotel a short taxi drive away from the dam square. The first time we all tried shrooms and my god they were amazing. Nothing like i have ever experienced before! we eneded up almost on a bad trip as we decided to stay in our hotel room for 4 hours listening to trance music with only the desk lamp on :eek: It was mad. #Darkacidkings
    The day after next we were on them again, this time we decided to walk around on them...The fealing was amazing this time, Everything was cartoon like with a nice glow. Like looking in HD.
    I eneded up in KFC and i honestly thought there was pokemon on in the background, being played through the speakers or some shit. My friend told me when we were outside (he didn't do them this time) but he said "you do realise there were loads of chinese people behind you!...which is what i think made my brain think of the pokemon like fealing..its so hard to describe! But it was fucking amazingly good fun!
    2g blunt wraps were soon being smoked like joints daily...Mixing there strongest types of weed which were around 16 euro a gram.:smoking:
    Nice stuff...
    One thing that will always stick in my mind was a bin outside of one of the main MJ-Cafe's, Some clown didn't put his/her joint/cigg out before throwing it in one of the bins. Obviously... The big clouds of smoke pouring out was not really what was making people laugh about the whole incident....It was the smell. (No it wasn't a nearby smoker or anything) This smell was strong. I imagine that bin was full of old joints butts and baggie's and more than likely enough old weed combined to satisfy an army... so there was this little fire which soon had turned the whole bin into one big jiant joint!

    Helping solve global warming the right way :smoking: Amsterdam style.

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