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  1. I'm going to amsterdam for 5 days in august with some friends and I CANT FUCKING WAIT!! Ive never been there but just from the research ive been doing it looks great, a dutch person tells me they don't even give a shit about 4?20 b/c everyday is 4/20 to them haha. to anyone whos been there or lives there, what are some dos and donts? PS, i plan on being a Canadian while im there b/c most everyone hates the US
  2. 420 is an american thing mostly i think, cuz it started here. lol good idea about the canadian thing. i know there are a few people from holland on the forums, but i forget their names...
  3. I remember readin an article not too long ago about the dos and donts. Superjoint could probably help you out with that send him a PM. The only thing I remember from the article is to steer away from the flashy coffee shops and go to the ones that look small and desolate. Also stay away from the coffeeshops that have alchohol being served I dont know why but probably because people must get abnoxious. He gave a list of names of coffee shops but I can't remember them. The only one I remember was NOT to go to bulldog. There are also some shops that sell shrooms... that would be interesting to try there. Just have fun go to the parks, and blaze up
  4. do buy a drink every time u go into a coffee shop if u wanna buy weed also. just ask for their smoke menu when u get to the counter.

    dont smoke skunk from elsewhere in a coffee shop (obviously)

    dont be a typical loudmouth Brit/American

    dont go to the red light district at night unless u want a crack head to follow you for an hour

    do tip

    Basically 50% of amsterdam are great people, 50% are the biggest dicks you'll ever meet
  5. THANKS for the help guys, this is gonna be a good trip, i plan on visiting the smart shops when im there, the ones that sell peyote and shrooms and such, and mailing back a shitload of peanut butter and other such things to a friend here in NY, with soo much good weed stashed inside.......meehai thanks for the advice, i read that americans would think that the dutch ppl were rude assholes, but only b/c they are way more laid back , like theyll take their time to serve you and help you out, etc. ill be too stoned to care but i def dont plan being an asshole like 98% of the tourists there. peace out:smoking:
  6. shit i forgot to put this in my last post, if i have a scraped clean bowl with no traces or residue in it (using the purple cleaner), will they allow this on a flight from NY to Amsterdam, on the grounds that its being used for tobacco?i planned on putting it in separate unmarked bag with bullshit in it in case customs takes it, or I could just buy a piece when i get there so its no big deal either way, good or bad idea?
  7. Just make sure there is not a drop of weed in sight and no smell either.

    You might as well smoke a bit of tobacco before you go.
  8. i went to Amsterdam last yr and it was crazy!! check out Abraxas... excellent hash coffee/brownies(1/2 gram in each) and if u like mushrooms, check out Conscious Dreams. thats where i got my philosopher's stones and damn!!! i stayed ina hostel(2 ppl-$150/3 days) i spent the rest on weed!!
  9. also, take in the scenery. its a beautiful place.
  10. Careful, the common Dutch persons know alot about Canada than the average american.

    Don't get into any conversations with them about Canada otherwise you might make a bigger ass of yourself than intitally saying your american.

    P.S. - It says something about your country when you're afraid to delcare your nationality in an extremley neutral foriegn country.
  11. i woudlnt go w the fakin canadian.. just dont wear american flag shirt and boast your country.. act like a human fuckin being hehehe..

    and enjoy your trip =D
  12. do fucking everything

    dont sit around and get stoned in your hotel room

    eat some mushrooms and go to the van gough museum.

    i love amsterdam i have been there 6 times and i always have a blast.

    just saw another post. dont eat the philosipher stones. they are rough. the blue hawiian's rock but dont think you are the man and take to many. those bitches are crazy strong.

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