Amphetamines and drug test

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  1. EDIT: Question answered, problem (hopefully?) solved.

    Spreading doses of amphetamine out does not change the rate of metabolation. If four capsules of 25mg amphetamine salts were taken one hour apart from each other (First at 0:00, second at 1:00, third at 2:00, fourth at 3:00), each pill would begin to metabolize and be on its to be excreted from the urine at the same rate (first cap gets there first, then second at the same rate as the first). In addition, amphetamines are metabolized in the urine. Basically, its all there but just waiting for its turn to be pissed out. Having a low urinary pH will make a huge difference in the time amphetamines are excreted (up to 3X as fast :O)

    Acidifing your urine is incredibly easy. Cranberry juice, vinegar, distilled or purified water (you should be drinking this anyway - just drink more) and wine or alcohols are all drinks to acidify your urine. There are also foods which can be eaten to acidify urine. They include eggs, most meats (this will increase your creatine levels as well), fish, corn, most grains and beans.

    STAY AWAY from almost all vegetables, fruits and most mineral supplements (B complex and doses of Vitamin C greater than 1000mg will acidify).

    I feel like a fucking expert. I better get the job -.-
  2. What type of body do you have?

    I'd say you would just need to dilute a bit, most should be outta your system.
  3. I think you'll def fail since you spread it out thru the day and took some towards the end.
  4. Very lean, pretty high metabolism. Run 1-2 miles about 3 times a week generally. 5'7, ~135. I have been drinking a lot of water. I would estimate like 90 oz a day ever since I found out about the test, so I've been doing that for like... Well, a decent amount of time.

    Do you mean dialute the sample I give them too? Like the method where large amounts of water are consumed and the urine is given a yellow color through B complex vitamins? I heard from various places that this method is easily detectable and can even result in an automatic failure. This isn't a high class job or anything, it's a fairly respectable family restaurant (that drug tests? Yeah, ask them that one). I'm getting my test done at some lab (basically a doctors office).

    P.S. Hazed, are you basing this on a guess or chemistry? If it's chemistry, I'd like a basic rundown about WHY I would fail. That 57 hours is from the last dose which would mean that if you go by the first dose, it's like 65 hours.
  5. Double post, whoops sorry.

    If I had the balls to call them and tell them I need to go to a funeral of my dear deceased (estranged relative here), would they reschedule, not hire me or look into it farther?

    I really want to pass this drug test. They follow up with MG/CS so I definitely need to pass the drug screening. They don't watch you piss but I'm still not swapping samples.
  6. have someone piss for you
  7. I wouldn't have the nerve to. Up until the time I handed in the same, I would be paranoid about all kinds of shit. Is the piss too cold, too hot, am I acting suspicious, etc. Even after I did it I would be paranoid about them finding out SOMEHOW that it wasn't my piss and they're going to pursue a law that I've never heard of and I'll be fined over trying to become a working, upstanding citizen.

    I would feel A LOT better if there was a sure fire way to make sure I could do it on my own. Here's what I have so far.

    1. Drink lots of soft water to begin the detoxification process in my body and to acidify the piss a little bit (soft water does, I don't know how or why)
    2. Eat and drink acidic substance up til 10 hours before the test, then keep it just slightly acidic
    3. Take B complex vitamins and creatine (if I can buy a small amount of creatine or if it's less than 15 bucks)
    4. Possibly dilute and use B complex vitamins to darken urine and increase specific gravity

    Looking for reasons, methods and sources PLLLEEASSSEEEE <3<3
  8. straight up I'd say just use someone's pee.
  9. If I was going to take that approach, which is unlikely, how could I do it well enough to seem confident? Also, how do I keep the temp between 96 and 99? I'm pretty sure that's the accepted temp range in today's' tests. Just use a hand warmer and an oral or rectal thermometer and stop it when it gets there? I don't want to take forever in there. I would consider any more than a minute suspicious. Like I said, I'm paranoid.

    Personally, I think I'll probably be fine. If I exercise a ton, I mean like a hard 1-2 hours of aerobic activity straight, will it help any? This is fucking stupid. People complain about how drugs ruin people's lives but they won't let drug users get jobs (hell, some middle and high schools MAKE you take random drug tests and if you fail you get an intervention or something. won't even let them get a fucking education.)
  10. You put the piss in an unlubed, straight latex condom, tie it off, double it up, rig it up between your balls and your thigh, and put a pin in your shoe or something to puncture it, temp will be fine.
  11. While this would probably work and I could most likely get away with it, I really really really want to use my own piss. Now that I look at this more, they might watch you pee. It never says either way but I assumed it wouldn't be watched. Most are like that aren't they?

    Replies from here on out, please do not suggest urine swapping or doping. I'm weighing my opitions and urine swapping may be possible but I would much rather be able to use my own dick if it comes to that (like I said, im just assuming its ot watched). Thanks for the mostly informative replies so far.
  12. They don't usually watch you at these labs. I could be wrong though. Worst case scenario, you just piss isntead of popping the condom, they woudn't be standing in front of you. Just keep diluting, excersizing, thats all you can do.
  13. So acidic urine, dilution and exercise will all work with amps? I know a bunch of methods are specific to cannabinoids.
  14. Haha... Ah sorry. I would hate to be in your position right now. Thought I would wish you good luck.
  15. Yeah, I don't like being me right now too much either.

    Normally this type of thing would be considered dead but I am still looking for ideas to get MY piss clean. I kinda need to know pretty soon. I've been doing shots of vinegar and eating acidic foods and drinking lots of distilled water. I don't think they can outright reject me for a job by a high pH can they?

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