AMPHETAMINE SALTS 30 MG TAB - U guys know / Like these?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Mr. M, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. I got 1 and 1/2 of [​IMG] these for 4 bucks. I Blew the half and i guess i felt alright. U guys like them?
  2. It's Adderall.
  3. yep generics. I came across some a few weeks back i had a few 5's an a 30. They did pretty good but Im picky and prefer the name brand adderall capsules
  4. dammmn. Those are rare around here you got those nice Amphetamine salts 30 mg IR. All we get around here is 30 mg XR. :(. Have fun with those!
  5. Don't snort those, it wont work.
  6. ehh those are ok but if you really wanna be having fun pop a couple dextroamphet's. thats some legit stuff

  7. Not from what i heard?
  8. They're the same exact thing...why would you care?
  9. Maybe a little , but it's a huge waste, just pop them and you'll be tweaking in no time.
  10. Nice dude some irs
  11. Amphetamine and it's relatives are some of my favorite drugs.. Nice for a long lasting speedball or to keep you partying all night long.

  12. actually oral is a bigger waste. The BA for oral is 20-25% and the BA for nasal is 75%.
  13. u know what to do my man :cool:;)
  14. i like this way more than the name brand Addy XR's
    idk why but i do
    if you want it to kick in harder, sublingualy do it!
    just hate the comedowns
  15. I had a bunch of these before and believe me when I say that snorting works. Was when I first started to use amps, went through a lot of these very fast.
  16. Fuck that shit.

    Too hard on my system abusing pills.

  17. i dont really know. just me being overly picky.

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