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Amounts you smoke

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BossOTheGhetto, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. Hey all. I was reading a thread about how much ppl here smoke in a week. I couldnt believe some of the posts lol. Some people smoke a whole ounce in a week? That cant be dank. I smoke every day and I only go through a quarter every 2-3 weeks. When I smoke with others I go through a bit more weed of course. But some people posted that, alone, they smoke about an ounce a week. Sheesh.

    And no, Im not jewish with my weed, I dont roll small thin joints. I roll decent sized, good joints. Its either the people who smoke large amounts are smoking shwag, or Im getting some bomb ass dank :) or both.
  2. I only smoke about an eighth of nug a week, and that's between me and my boyfriend. I only smoke enough to get decently high once a day...that's all I need/want.
  3. ^^ I'm with highgirly on this one.. I know I'm not smoking schwag.. I probably go through a quarter every 4 days or so..
  4. depends proably a quater on the weekends and proab just an 8th during the week o and btw def not shwag purple haze and KB usually.
  5. Highgirly you make a good point about tolerance. Ive been smoking for about 4 years now, on and off, but daily for the part 7 months or so, and im glad that my tolerance is still quite low. I fly to la la land and half a j is all it takes. However, nowadays, the high doesnt last too long like it did before. The buzz will really kick in after about 15-20 mins, and about half an hour or 45 mins later ill just mellow out, with a light buzz. Im thinking of taking a couple of 2-3 days off, maybe ill get better highs :)
  6. I don't smoke as much as I could, but I don't want to be stoned off the wall just relaxed. Some days I need a bit more to relax. I don't keep up with amounts.. I just smoke what I feel I want..
  7. I smoke 3 or so times a week, and I smoke a bowl and Im ripped, anymore and theres no way in hell I could pass being sober
  8. I smoke like a half ounce a week. Varies from time to time.
  9. I wish I could afford to smoke that much...
    But for now I'm sucking down a bowl or two a day unless I'm dry, which happens for usually the better part of every week, so probably like 5 bowls a week max.
  10. I seem to be pretty steady at a half a week, others usally smoke it with me tho
  11. When I had a job and money regularly, I'd smoke about a few grams a day. Half ounce a week or so. But lately its been dependent on how much cash I got at the time, so it usually isn't as much. A few bowls a day.
  12. ur wrong man...just cuz this may be the case for you, doesnt mean its the case for everyone...when u have a job and u make a nice income or u grow u smoke a u dont feel the need to save any weed so u smoke more of it, and u smoke more often, plus u dont kno wut method they are using to smoke this either

    they could be smokin a bong every hour and u kno how bongs eat weed...
  13. When i do have money to pick up, an 1/8th usually lasts me 1-2 days.
  14. i smoke a a gram a week and i get ripped as fuck off a bowl of sweet cheeba

  15. I concur
  16. Being on a small budget I probably only smoke 1.5 grams per week.

    I only smoke on weekends, so thats 5 days right there that I don't smoke.

    Anyway, I get pretty stoned off 1 bowl or bong if its good bud, and it lasts awhile.

    I guess I like it like that. My tolerance is really low that 1 bong will get me high, and 2-3 will just get me ripped.
  17. well to give you an idea im 30 mins away from Radford. my boy picked up an o last night and hes sellin 1/2 of it and the rest will be gone all tomorrow. but then again its 4/20 but i usually smoke an 1/8th a day to myself
  18. dont forget about tolerance . Some people smoke everyday continuously sparking a bowl right after waking and right before hitting the sack. You then effectively need more to smoke to reach the same state. :)

    thats why it feel so good after those week breaks. :)
  19. i smoke anywhere from 1/2 oz. to 2 ounces a week of dank.
  20. If I go 2 days without smoking, will it affect my tolerance level much, or do you think it requires a bit more time than that.I still get high pretty easily its just that its not lasting long like back int he day when i first started.

    Its been about 16 hours since I smoked. The morning was the worst, cuz Im used to getting up and taking a couple of tokes and enjoy the morning. Dang, this is hard hehe.But Im glad I can control my urge.

    Enough blabberingfrom me, do you guys think 2 days without smoking is good enough, even if it just has little fact,to helpme get stoned more :) (please keep in mindive been smoking daily, usually twice a day, for about 8 months now, andabout 4 yrs on and off.)

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