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  1. SO i have access to a large amount of untouched private woods. About 300 acre's worth up in New Hampshire. I have began looking for good spots and it seems like nearly all the land is dense pine forest. Its filled with pine trees like 90% of the land up in the northeast. How much sunlight do I need? I may not be able to find a clearing and i want to keep them hidden, will partial sunlight work for an outdoor grow in this climate? Im growing all indica heavy strains from the GreenHouse co 5 packs, as well as some GHS white widow and white rhino pack.

  2. Well ideally, you want 18 hours of sunlight and 6 of darkness for vegging, and then for flowerin 12/12, butt, if you cant get 18, try to atleast get 14/8, like if theres trees around youll probably get about 6 hours of direct sunlight, but like when the sun is out the light still gets to the plants and allows them to groow, so basically what im trying to say is find a good size opening with some trees around( a field would be better) , swamp grows are nice, just putting it out there.
  3. This is a swamp around i just want it to be really protected from people seeing it...
  4. The pine tree forest, if the trees are tall, won't work correctly. You need minimum 5 hours of direct sunlight to get a decent harvest. Too much shade in there imo.
    Don't grow in a big open space either.
    I look for thick vegetation of medium sized trees and tall bushes.
    Good luck. I'm sure you can find it! Choose well. Mj likes sun not shade. 12/12 is not an issue with outdoors. The actual 12/12 is in mid-September about but budding of females starts way earlier than that (August). Just find a spot with an opening. When you look up from your possible spot, there shouldn't be tall trees al around you. Check out OP's pics. He grows in a tall ass forest but has the perfect opening where the sun arcs.
    Don't use a forest that's tended to, with no under brush.
    5 hours isn't that hard to find. It can be from 10 to 3, or a few hours at noon, some later. But you do need that amount of light to get a nice amount out of them.
    Good luck. Choose well (no rush).
  5. This is the OUTDOOR forum - 18/6 and 12/12 is for indoor people with their little lights and timers and half ounce yields.
    Outdoors, you will get what hours God gives you. Your plants will flower when they detect that the days are getting shorter.
    We are told that you need 6 hours of good direct sunlight. My grow spot gets well over that, so I have never been able to confirm that is so.
  6. Hahaha!
  7. I wish I wasnt in New Hampshire and there wasnt snow on the ground so I could really scout. I want to get some pics up asap so i can show you all my potential spots.

    I'm growing two of the GreenHouse Co Fem 5 packs.

    Black and White:
    3x WHite Rhino
    2x WHite Widow

    Indica Mix:
    1x AMS
    1x Big Bang
    1x EL Nino
    1x Great WHite Shark
    1x Church

    Then two Attitude freebees:

    1x Pure Power
    1x Gigabud

    So thats my grow for the season, 12 females, also getting 10 autoflowers to mess around with a pre harvest the end of july ish...

    Think its pull offable? They all finish fairly early and are mostly indica so im hoping to keep them short and fast!

  8. this is outdoor growing dude. and you really only need 8 hours of direct sunlight a day. so i would siggest just finding a place that will shine for 8 hours

  9. Notice the key word, IDEALLY, but indoors do have alot less yeild. But I get about 14 hours of sunlight and about 6 hours of direct sunlight where I live and my plants grow quite large, I'm not trying to did you man, I know that you know your stuff and I follow your threads, but I was just saying, the more light the better.
  10. Just my 2 cents but, as far as guerilla growing, the amount of direct sun is proportional to how much you must water for them to survive. I avoid 10 hour spots unless my water source is rreal close. It also would mean that they are a bit too much in the open. 5-6 is good enough and allows me to water them only once every 7-10 days (I line my holes with brown paper and cardboard for saving water). I have one very sunny spot but it's shaded by several surrounding medium sized trees. If you can, yes, more sun = more buds. But too much sun can mean dead plants and 0 bud in hard to access guerilla grows. Hahaha! I'm sure we all prefer the first option! Happy growing.
  11. Another factor no one has touched on is strain. Last year I grew two strains: New York Purple Diesel (NYSD crossed w/ a random purple strain from a friend) & Vietnamese Black x K2, they were in a back patch with only 2 hours direct and 3-5 hours filetered light a day. The NYPD turned out airy and leafy (but crystally as all hell!) while the Vietnamese had huge heavy resionous buds.

    Same age plants with the same amount of light and food......

    Anyome else know of low light tolerant strains??

    I suspect Sativa dominant strains in general would be more tolerant to low light conditions.
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    Interesting experience. It shows that you don't need 10 hours of sun. 3-4 is a minimum. Some really good genetics get frosty and chunky without too much sun. But, don't plant on North exposition, or in the shade, that's all...
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    I do not agree that the quite artificial lighting regimes that indoor growers inflict on their plants is some kind of ideal. Rather it is a convenience that works. In fact I do believe that it is the abrupt change in regime, when indoor growers suddenly go from 18/6 to 12/12, that induces the larger number of hermies that indoor growers do seem to get. Us outdoor growers rarely see a hermie.

  14. ok so you got me there, too much light can kill, but too little of light won't grow, so that's why you look for the happy medium. I'm not going to lie, I don't know too much on outdoor lighting because I let mother nature do what she's supposed to.

  15. I'm pretty sure I knew this was annoutdoor forum dumbass, I was just saying that the sun in the spring and summer is usually shining for about 12-18 hours depending on where you live, and I states that you need atleast 6 hours of direct sunlight, if you actually read my post.

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