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  1. Well, its been a long time since I was very active on any cannabis forums, but a lot has changed. I live in Oklahoma, which for the last year has been a booming marijuana state. Luckily, for me, I was able to get into the industry pretty quickly, which has kept me incredibly busy.... but thats not the point of this journal. What I hope to do here is post from my personal grow, in an effort to force myself to become a little more invested in that. :smoke:

    Ill try to get some pics going later tonight, or very soon at least, but here's the buildout :

    Grow Space - GrowLab 120 (4'9x4'9), in a spare bedroom with dedicated A/C and heat
    Ventilation - Can MaxFan 10"HO + Can 75 filter. I like to crush ventilation.
    Lights - 630w CMH. Ill augment with some fluorescents but that isnt rigged up yet
    Medium - FFOF with added perlite and dolomitic lime
    Nutes - GH Floranova + floralicious plus + liquid koolbloom + molasses ( I was given a sample of some new cyco 2-part nutes, but ill save those for another run)

    Im sure theres more information to add, but Im a bit rusty with journaling, so thats a good start. As for what Im growing, its a pheno hunt of two strains

    Billy Wonka by MaddFarmer Genetics. 10/10 germinated, 4/10 female. Males culled.
    Super Silver Widow by Mr Nice Seeds. 18/18 germinated, 11/18 female. 1 male kept for f2 production, since this is an irreplaceable cross. Probably should have kept 2, but whatever.

    Clones have been cut, and rooted, but its worth noting that SSW #1 has been very slow to respond, so I may re-clone that one, and have it lagging behind. Wonka cuts are a couple of weeks ahead, and have been moved into larger flowering pots.
  2. welcome right back in, amoril :)

    excited to see some pics
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  3. Hey Papa Puff and Dankmeister, thanks for the warm welcome back, and for checking in!

    As promised, a few pictures. Billy Wonka, plant numbers should be visible in the pictures. 4 phenos, 1 plant each, in 3 gallon pots. They've just been transplanted into their new homes and are still rooting / vegging for a few days

    20191101_000225.jpg 20191101_000553.jpg 20191101_001203.jpg 20191101_001439.jpg
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  4. pretty dense foliage on those girls already!
    I’m no grower, but things are looking good from here :)

    this rip’s for you
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  5. Ur welcome! Alot of the ogs hang out on my breakfest club in the mornings!! U may know some of them!! Stop by and chat
    Papa Puffs Fall Auto & Photos show

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  6. Took a little longer than anticipated, work related delays, but things are finally under way

    4 phenos of billy Wonka 4 days into bloom on the far right, and 10 phenos of SSW starting today IMG_20191211_213753_651.jpg
  7. A quick 1 week bloom update on the four billy Wonka ladies

    Phenos 1 and 3 appear similar. Vertical stretching mostly

    #2 has a lot more horizontal stretching
    #4 does seem to stretch much, very compact

    20191215_175906.jpg 20191215_180741.jpg 20191215_180908.jpg 20191215_181134.jpg
  8. 20191223_001712.jpg 20191223_001727.jpg wonka 1

    20191223_001830.jpg 20191223_001851.jpg Wonka 2

    20191223_002213.jpg 20191223_002225.jpg wonka 3

    20191223_002325.jpg 20191223_002346.jpg wonka 4

    1 and 3 seem similar, vertical stretching. 2 is very horizontally inclined, and 4 is a aquat tight plant. The Wonkas are all at 16 days in pics

    The ssw here are 11 days, just starting to switch to bud mode after a healthy stretch 20191223_003000.jpg

    Happy holidays!
  9. Purple trichome stalks on a Billy Wonka around day 60

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