Amnesia haze smoke report

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    Info and data
    Strain name: Amnesia haze
    Thc level: 20 to 25% thc
    Type: 80% Sativa 20% Indica
    Flowering time: 12 weeks
    Yield: 600g/m2
    High: Physedlic

    Appearance and texture
    It has a light green appearance with plenty of orange pistills. It has a very thick potent blanket of milky thc. When squeezed it made my fingers very sticky from the resin and thc. Overall a very nice appearance and feeling.

    High report
    The high was absolutely mind blowing I couldn't feel my head. The feeling of euthoria was very strong. It made colours and sounds a lot more appealing. I also got to experience in the corner of my eye hallucinations, which were very trippy. The comedown from the high was a very relaxed feeling great after a long day of blazing the doobie. The peak of the effects edged about 15 minutes in. In conclusion this is a outstanding strain and definitely a strain I would pick up again. I rate it 10/10 and would recommend it to any stoner it is perhaps one of my all time favourite strains.
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