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Amnesia haze af & northern light af

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by TheWard, Oct 12, 2017.

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    Hi guys,

    Just thought i'd try posting this to see what you think.

    This is my first grow.
    I planted amnesia haze autoflower (Amber) and northern light autoflower (Noelle).

    Amber is 2 weeks old today and Noelle just popped out today.

    I planted Noelle exactly 2 weeks after Amber because of her shorter lifespan.

    Started a little LST today with Amber since i'm seeing some difference in size between 2 opposing new branches/leaves on the lower nodes.

    If you like and want me to post a more detailed grow log (past & present) just let me know.

    link to the album:
  2. Amber: week 2
    Noelle: day 1
  3. Quick update:
    Since it's my first grow I changed my mind on the lst.

    I think it would be better for me to learn a bit more first, see how the plant grows etc...
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  4. i will subscribe

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    Day 1 (friday 29sept)
    Temp: 25'
    RH: 65%

    Lamp 90cm

    Possible light(er) coloration on new growths.
    Possible problem with over-watering?
    Feel very unsure about watering.

    Soil hasn't completely dried yet.
    Loosened up earth around plant.
    Not sure if this has any use. Oxygen? Dry faster?

    Soil felt a little dryer already. Maybe water tonight.

    Lamp 60cm

    Growth still too small to properly see if there is any discoloration.
    Keep an eye on this.

    Add eggshell with water for humidity.
    Have to buy a plant-praybottle.

    Fully watered pot with run-off. Mostly around edges.
    Sprayed soil close to plant.

    Day 2 (saturday 30sept)
    Temp: 24'
    RH: 60%

    1dl water around seedling

    Sprayed soil

    Day 3 (sunday 1oct)
    Temp: 24'
    RH: 55%

    I fear for stunted growth because of bad watering.
    Did read before that first week might be slow.
    Patience & Follow up

    Read that seedlings have enough with 1 watering with run-off for a week.
    Need spraying every day

    Sprayed soil

    Fingertest: soil still moist

    Color seems lighter between new leaves (at the base)
    Starter-leaves alway seem a bit darker.
    Might be because it's just new growth.

    Lamp 2nd pulley-system.
    Still at 60 cm

    Day 4 (monday 2oct)

    RH: 63%

    Sprayed soil

    Sprayed soil

    Leaves seem to have grown.
    2n set starting

    Soil feeling dryer in certain places.

    Day 5 (tuesday 3oct)
    Temp: 23'
    RH: 60%

    Sprayed soil

    Sprayed soil

    Day 6 (wednesday 4oct)
    Temp: 24'
    RH: 50%

    Sprayed soil

    Thermometed fell on plant.
    Installed arch for support.

    Sprayed soil

    Again lighter color at base of new leaves.
    Seems to me it's normal

    Sprayed soil

    Day 7 (thursday 5ocy)
    Temp: 23,5'
    RH: 55%

    Full watering with run-off.

    Lamp 44cm
    Check tonight if not too close

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  6. Day 8 (friday 6oct)

    Current setup:
    Yesterday (day 7) +-2l water (with run-off)
    Lamp +-40cm

    Sprayed soil

    Day 9 (saterday 7oct)

    Sprayed soil

    Sister Noelle is planted.

    Day 10 (sunday 8oct)

    Watering plan from friend Sander (*see noelle):
    250ml every few days

    Sprayed soil

    Day 11 (monday 9oct)

    250ml water (around edges)

    Day 12 (tuesday 10oct)

    Sprayed soil

    Sprayed soil

    Day 13 (wed 11oct)

    Sprayed soil
    Healthy growth. Should i top? (No)

    Day 14 (thu 12oct)

    1l water around edges
    No run-off (!)

    Start lst. 1 of opposing branches/leaves at lowest node is bigger. Other maybe in shade.

    Changed mind about lst. Convinced by sander. Read up more first.

    Left window open. Temp down. 18' at 20, closed, now 20. Turned intake fan off.

    Inserted bamboo sticks and tomato ring for lst. Still on there now. You never know.

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    DAY 15
    So today is day 15. I've had an amazing past week seeing her grow so fast every day. But at this point all sorts of new concerns come to my attention. I'll have to decide soon on a nuteient-plan. I got into contact with a guy that swears by bio and i'd love to meet up with him to learn more.

    It's great i got to know this guy. Seems very knowledgable and definitely shares the passion.
    I'm very eager to learn and this is a great opportunity. I guess this could be my best tip so far for other newbies out there: get in contact with fellow growers and learn from them!

    Watered 250ml today around the edges of the pot.
    There was no run-off.

    I'm meeting with a friend this weekend who has more experience than I do. I have a number of things i'd like to ask him:
    -Info on watering schedule
    -He's a full bio-grower. I'd like to get ideas on nutrients
    -some general questions and info...
    day 15.jpg day 15bis.jpg
  8. i check for dryness by sticking a finger in the soil and if it feels any sort of wet i wait another day till i water. in my experience small plants can go a whole week without watering
  9. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. What amount do you water then?
  10. around 32oz for a pot that big.

    i use a really neutral soil and when the plants are young i dont bother with using enough water for it to run off. ala nothing to accumulate in the soil yet.

    i like to water and have it only take 3 - 4 days till the next. I think watering with lots keeps the pot watered for too long.
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  11. Thanks a lot. I'll keep this as my new schedule for the coming time.
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    Nothing new today.
    She's doing fine.
    I did start to notice a faint smell in the room my tent is in. A nice and pleasant whiff of weed. I'll have to start my odor-control soon if things keep going at this rate.

    20171014_143045.jpg 20171014_143030.jpg
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