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  1. Ok my dad keeps telling me if we put ammonia with are water it will help the plants. Ok now can anyone tell me if it can work. We tried it on one plant for about two weeks now, and if anything it's helped. Anyone think I should stop adding it?

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  2. Yes I think you should stop adding it before you kill the plant .
  3. i think i recall a someone somwhere saying they put minute parts of bleach in the water to kill of the bugs from the tap,1 parts bleach to 100 parts toilet water is okay for human to drink in emergency.
    maybe the amonia has got mixed up with bleach somwhere.
    as for my tap water ,if i drink it then i figure my plants will be okay,let it sit for 24 just to be sure.
  4. if your lookin to kill bugs y not just boil it? only takes 10 mins of heating (or summin like that) then 30 mins to cool....

  5. If you check the analysis section of your plant foods you will see that after it lists the % of nitrogen and all the other good stuff, there is another paragraph. I'm sure that miracle gro and green leaf super bloom say, "derived from urea, AMMONIUM PHOSPHATE, and a bunch of other things. I'm not saying that it is the same as the ammonia that u use as a cleaner. I wouldn't bet on it tho, listen to what all the experienced growers say in this forum tho. They have never steered me in the wrong direction
  6. he says its for nitrogen, well the plant is doing good, i'm going to let him keep watering it that way. I think he's somewhat right.
  7. just as an update, my dad started using it in all the plants. It doesn't seem to be making a big difrence, but they are growing.
  8. well i know anhydrous ammonia is a pretty famous fertilizer so ammonia could probably work too
  9. This sounds like a cool experiment, lol. Please keep us up-to-date on what happens it sounds like there is nothing major now. But it could get interesting. There are a lot of things around the house that have more than one use this could be one.
  10. Scientists have found low levels of nitrogen in urea which is in our urine. If you leave urine out for a while it starts to turn into ammonia...I'd rather water my plants with that then with straight ammonia!:eek:
    That'd be like foliar feeding with Windex.
  11. a week ago was the last time i looked at the plants, then it just looked like a few sticks (because people where smoking all the leaf on them), then i just looked at them, and its like leafige everywhere, i mean everything has really grown a hole bunch, and i think my dad was still smoking the leaf too. (but i know he didn't smoke much this past week because we 'had' a nice size bag. But soon i think all the leaf will be smoked back off of them again.
  12. i,ve heard that a good amount of amoniac like in urine is good for all plants but I don´t know about constantly putting amoniac on plants will help them?
  13. well the plants are still fine, not dieing and not really kickin ass. I'm letting my dad take over care of them. Theres only 9... i think. I'm going to get a new(BIGGER) growroom built when i get paid back some moneys.
  14. Yes ,,in small amounts it can stimulate the uptake of nitrogen already present in the medium by breaking it down and making it easier for plant to uptake,,,,BUT....Be Careful! do not use it every watering or you will toxify the medium,and burn the roots beyond that PH..We used to do this years ago in large outdoor guerilla grows where the soil was not feeding the plants fast enough for it's growth,and it was cheap to buy.
    Remember>>>If you dont leach the medium properly before you harvest leaf or bud to smoke.....well ...your smoking a form of ammonium nitrate,,,,it will have a funny (twangy)taste
  15. *inside joke with the Windex*

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  16. that's funny, is that one of those charlie brown strains, lol
  17. that is funny,,,

  18. thanks NdicaBud thats the answer i was looking for. Dude i just got done smoking a bowl of leaf from one of the plants, ha i hope i don't die (not really).
  19. Your welcome......may your grows be hearty...


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