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Ammonia smell, with gooey brownish substance?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dcjamesbond, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. So I picked up an eighth from my guy and he said it was some good stuff. (referring to high mids since we usually only get regs in my small town) After I purchase it I open the sandwich baggy up and take a big wiff (tradition), and it smells like oranges, but literally like ORANGES. It's also very fluffy, some what damp and there is not very much apparent crystallization on the buds so I think maybe he put a orange peel in with some regs to moisten the bud and give it a fruity odor.

    WELL I find a half inch bud with one side covered in some orangeish/brownish goop that smells very familiar to ammonia. I don't know what it is, and I'm kind of intimidated. Thoughts?
  2. Dude sketch...

    I'd toss it and not buy weed from that dude, stat. If you don't toss, hope it's hash.
  3. I would definitely confront him on that shit. Call the dealer back and ask what's up.
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    It sounds like mold/bacteria has formed on it, brown mold/bacteria known as Anaerobic bacteria does have an ammonia smell and is one of the more common molds/bacterias to form on marijuana plants.

    If he put an orange in with the bud, it is very possible he made the marijuana moldy, but no clue if thats the problem.

    Does it look like this ?



    That is a closeup of brown marijuana mold.

    Brown mold also does have an ammonia smell

    Quoted from - Marijuana and Mold -

    Sorry to say man, but it does sound like mold/bacteria
  5. Sounds more like heroin, what's the texture of said goop?
  6. That smells like vinegar not ammonia homie..
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    Yikes. However you found that out most have been bad!
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    Pics would be good. Not exactly a hard task that would make answering your question infinitely easier.
  9. Okay well I would compare the look and texture to some light melted chocolate. It's some what transparent and it does look sort of like BHO but it smells nothing of the sort. The rest of the bud seems to be fine and I'm about to vape some of it to find out!
  10. So aside from coughing up a lung and feeling like needles were in my chest, it's good :D
  11. Rofl good stuff man, worst case scenario you might get a chest cold or something but I don't think you will have any serious problems ya know.

    Have fun.
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    Considering we have some experience drug users on this forums (you know who I'm talking about ;) )

    Explain the high, if it was any different than one before. I doubt your shit was laced with black tar heroin but who knows!
  13. Unfortunately, the high was pretty specific to marijuana :(
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    Who knows maybe he spilt some molasses on that shit?

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