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    Ok so here is a new journal. Granted iv not finished the lemon haze one, but it will completed in 2 weeks an i wanted to document this one too. So here we go.

    Strain : 2 x Amhurst sour diesel (humboltd farm)
    Nutes : Canna coco range. Full range excluding canna start / canna flush.
    Method : 2 plant Scrog
    Medium and system : 2 x autopot xl using coco + perlite + gravel/pepples

    3x3 scrog space 2x2 veg space
    Light : mars hydro 1200w for growth into scrog and flowering
    Mars 300w for early vegging to get them ready for the 5 gallon transplant

    18/6 light schedule for veg for the forseable.

    Edit:: Plants are about a week an a half old as it stands.

    20170826_142613.jpg 20170826_142624.jpg
  2. Ok so almost a week since last post.

    Plants are doing well one a bit better than the other. Repotted both mid week. Now in 3x3 space under mars 1200w. 20170901_191433.jpg 20170901_191446.jpg 20170901_191451.jpg
  3. Looks good man.
    I'm also doing sour diesel and 2 other strains.
    I'm 24 hrs into 12 12

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  4. Is it the amhurst sd from humboltd ?
  5. I got them as clones and I sent my guy for them cus I was working.
    I genuinely don't know which sd it is which is annoying until I can get over to the shop that is.

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  6. Ok so now at 3 weeks old. I topped both plants on friday night and they have put out their new shoots now. Roots were poking out the bottom of the pots again so transplanted to the auto pot xls today.

    So as they are now sat in 5 gallon pots they will get hooked up to the resivoir to be fed on a normal feeding schedule keeping the EC @ 1.5 for the veg cycle. Realistically i should only need to veg these for 2 weeks and switched. I have moved the scrog net nice an low so i should be able to fill up the net pretty quick especially with the 2 in there. 20170906_184725.jpg 20170906_184729.jpg 20170906_184717.jpg 20170906_184725.jpg
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  9. Pretty much the same as mine. I started training at 2 weeks. They were clones but sat for a few days before starting to take off. I went into end pot straight away because they were a week early to me and I hadn't prepped fast enough lol.
    Plants look good man. Be interesting to see them in normal light to see what colour your leaves are.

    My latest creation...SOUR DEISEL, STRAWBERRY HAZE first run to test before the gorilla glue #4 go in!
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  10. Yeah they are nice an dark green . V healthy so far.
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  11. Looks great so far, can't wait to see the finished product
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  12. Ok so 13 days since my last update. The girls are doing well and are running along nicely with an Ec of 1.6
    I have noticed the last few days some really good growth, so i think iv hit the growth spurt now. Here are some pics

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  13. Ok so a while since the last post but here is a cheeky pic update. Sour diesel at 2 weeks in after 12-12 switch. Took a while to sprout pre flowers but we are there now. I seem to have 2 phenos. The one on the left is super stretchy an the one on the right is more bushy and indica leaning but has also taken longer to move into flower. I Wonder if there is much difference in the bud itself. Anyway pics below 20171023_195221.jpg
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  14. Wow forgot to update this. Im 6 weeks complete today. So looking at another 3 weeks. Iv been a bit lazy this time round. Not checking the ph an ec daily an being a bit shit on pruning underneath. Iv also just dropped all amendments out of the resivoir for the whole grow. Only used rhizotonic and coco a b. And im surprised at the results so far. Gonna drop the ec this week in preperation for the finish.
    Pics below 20171119_190200.jpg 20171119_190153.jpg 20171119_190116.jpg 20171119_190106.jpg

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