amex gift card not valid outside us

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by goopyquill, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. this morning i got a $100 amex gift card and when i tried to order seeds from attitude it would not go through because it is only valid inside the US because it couldn't account for currency conversion
  2. i just used my reg card i would not sweat it i did send it to a drop spot tho
  3. I have been looking for a prepaid credit card and everyone I find says " US ONLY" I have had my identity stolen on line before and will not use my bank card.

    So anyone know where to get a prepaid card for international use ?

  4. Another person here said they get the Gifts2Go pre-paid cards at Walgreens, their yellow colored cards. Click on link below and read post #3.
  5. that sucks, i did the same thing, i used the amex card to purchase a visa card online and it was shipped to my house in like 2 weeks, cost me 10$ but better than losing 100$
  6. yeah i needed some bubble bags and a nh bulb so i was able to get them off ebay
  7. Sorry to say, you can have your identity stolen any time you ever use your bank card. I had mine stolen by tapping mac. There was a card reader in there. No reason not to order online. Make sure you are on a secure page and all will be fine. Sorry that happened, I know what its like. But its no reason not to order online. You are making things too difficult on yourself.

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