ametuer outdoor growing help needed.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by SystemVolver, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. hey, i have been growing a clone in which my friend cut off from his dads indoor grow room of about 10 female plants, the cloneis definatley female and roughly 20cm tall and already flowering, i've been told that i need to add some dark rocks surrounding th plant to keep its heat up as the plant starting going a strange purple colour, due to lack of heat at night, i've been watering her with a mix of clean water, and sea weed nutrients. im expecting 5-10grams of bud and i need to know how to maximize growth rate and would i be able to grow say 5 clones this way.? below is a picture of the clone.all help would be mch appreciated.
  2. I see no perite is your soil? You soil is probably packed and not letting your roots grow right.

    How old is this plant first?
  3. its roughly three weeks old, where can i pick up perlite?
  4. Uh.. you're kinda growing in the wrong time of year I think..
  5. its spring, almost summer here?

  6. heh, fellow Australian spotted :cool:

    looks like yourdoing alot better than me so far, we had some crazy storms here over the last month, and lost the first round ;/
  7. Try Bunnings if theyre close to you, they litrially have everything youll need mate

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