America's BFF chops off another head.

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    The Saudis have been busy chopping off the head of a young woman again on what is at best dubious charges. The maid, Rizana Nafeek was held for two years, charged and sentenced before she was allowed legal representation.

    You will remember of course that the good ole Saudis provided 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers yet the US is still loved up with the Saudi "government" (Royal family).

    These loo la's can do no wrong in the eyes of the US government. In fact visa restrictions for Saudis have been loosened of yet.

    Amazing the friends you can make if you have black gold.

    BBC News - Sri Lankan maid Rizana Nafeek beheaded in Saudi Arabia

  2. The psychological reasons why most Americans don't freak out about this is a strange thing to think about......
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    The US government is even selling military aircraft to the Saudis and training Saudi pilots to fly them.:eek:
    Saudi pilots ? We all know what happened the last time Saudis received pilot training from US sources.


    US plans $6.7 billion aircraft deal with Saudi - FRANCE 24
  4. During political disscussions, I've brought things like how we sell all these weapons to the Saudis and people seem to not even know how to react to it. There like "oh....well Romeny hates women!" or "oh well Obama is a socialist" dependning on who they root for
  5. That story is fucking terrible. It said she was 17 in 2005? She was about my age then. I hate to think of how the last 7 years were for her, but there wouldn't be much we could do for her anyway.

    We've never been very good at making friends. It's why we should keep to ourselves and just focus on making our own country better. North America is rich in resources and most other countries don't like us anyway.

  6. Nobel peace prize prez.
  7. [ame=]Barack Obama- Go Hard In The Paint - YouTube[/ame]

    im sorry. i had to..

  8. What? You only like the Arabs that launch missiles at Israel? They are all the fucking same, you do know that, don't you?
  9. What do people expect from scumbags? The only thing that surprises me to this day is people STILL think these scumbags care about them. I personally try to avoid psycho killers...not cheerlead for them.
  10. The whole middle east is fucked up when it comes to human rights and the treatment of women in general.
  11. Those people didn't read the 'talking points' email in their inbox with the p.s. "don't forget to have a concerned look when you say them".
  12. I think the US-Saudi Arabia "alliance" is of the most entangling we have. Every one who isn't lost in some fantasy world realizes that the US has no problem with dictators and human rights abuses; our leaders only have problems with dictators who don't follow orders.

    Wut? Of course all Arabs aren't the same.
  13. OK then...

  14. This says a lot. :rolleyes:
  15. LMAO @ dude combing his chest hair...who says men can't be ratchet?

  16. There isn't much difference between the cobra that bites you and the one that doesn't.
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    The problem with Saudi-Arabia is that it is a schizophrenic country. It tries to ride two horses at the same time. On the one hand sucking up to the clerical establishment - religion plays a very significant role in Saudi-Arabia for obvious reasons. On the other hand they desperatly need the protection of western powers, the US in particular, to secure their source of income - oil - from Iranian disruption.

    And of course, the west is more than happy to oblige, as it is quite addicted to the stable delivery of said oil.

    So the Saud clan can happily live their lives in opulence beyond imagination behind the high walls to their mansions and palaces. They give the islamist clerics what they want, sharia law for the people. They give the west what they want, oil and extraction rights to various western oil-companies plus military bases to keep the oil-deliveries going. And they give themselves what they want, power and affluence.

    And they give the people, well, the bare minimum they can get away with without stirring up a popular uprising. Poverty is quite rampant in Saudi run filthy rich Arabia.

    All this they run with a semblance of plausible deniability. The Saud clan is pretty big, there are thousands of princes. Some support the islamists and fund the spread of reactionary islam throughout the world. Some finance terror even and certainly many support it. Others of the Saud clan lives more or less western lifestyles behind their walls. Have estates in various western countries and by and large like western culture. Especially the business and entertainment aspect of it.

    If it weren't for the oil resources of the country, we'd give a rats ass about the entire region. But for now, being addicted to the oil, we keep up with the two-faced Saudi-Arabia. As the saying goes, they may be bastards, but they are our bastards.

    If we want to disentangle ourselves from the moral and economic corruption any dealings with Saudi-Arabia entails, we need to get energy independent here in the west. To get off our oil addiction - or at least significantly lessen the use of oil in our energy budget.

    It would end the perpetual middle-east crisis. Or at least, any western involvement in it. We'd simply would not need to care, much less intervene.

    As with Libya. We cared, because they got oil. France in particular got interest in that oil. So military aid was given to the rebels in the hope that who-ever takes power remembers how they got it - by western help.

    With Syria, who do not have oil, direct military aid is off the table. Sure some low-level shady arms-dealings are going on, but by and large the support to the rebels are limited to nice words, and diplomatic and economic pressure against the murderous Assad regime.
  18. This is why im into arab women. Id get stoned to death before I lay with them. and then id get stoned to death when im finished.

    we all want what we cant have

  19. Plus, their beavers are thicker than a redwood forest. Yum Yum Yum.
  20. Which is it? Are all arabs the same or are there differences?

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