Americans... We are pussies.

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  1. OK guys first off i posted this in general because im not talking about politics in particular, im talking about Americans generally. but If a mod wants to move it, do ur thing booboo.

    Ok we are big pussies. Why? well, we dont get shit done. We let the Gov't fuck our rights over big time. WE are Scared of the Gov't. that shouldnt be the case. the Gov't should fear its people. look at libya. they got shit DONE. now maybe we are not that bad yet, that we dont need a revolution, but all im saying is, we let the gov't shit all over us and we dont really do much about it. we CANT do much about it. The gov't has all the power, total control. I think this is wrong. people should have much more say in the matter. We shouldnt leave our country to be ravaged by a bunch of corrupt, money-grubbing politicians.

    Our own country cant get along with states. Weed is illegal on a federal level, yet legal (medically) on a state level. what kinda fucking country contradicts its own laws? another thing that pissed me off. MMJ patients cannot buy a gun, apparently because they "use or are addicted to an illegal narcotic" according to the ATF. However, guns and an Oxycontin perscription is totally legal. The fuck is that? not hating on people who are legally perscribed painkillers, but why can they have guns and pot smokers cant? If anything, weed would greatly reduce the urge to harm another person. Pills are much worse.

    basically we are the nerdy kids in high school and the Gov't is the fat bully that takes our lunch money and kicks our ass everyday. and we dont do shit about it. or we CANT do shit about it.

    some fucking country we live in. now i love america, but the people who run it are complete assholes. /rant.

    comments? and please, no hate, just debate.
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    Ever heard of the 10th ammendment? It's not contradictory.
    welcome to the real world.

    It's much worse in other countries. European countries for example, are taxed way higher than we are. Yep America's fucked up right now, but the world is fucked up and really it's beyond your or my control
  3. Lenny, I don't think that was the whole point of his post but feel free to pick at the tiny details.

    I get what you mean, and to a certain extent you're right. But remember, that while all of this bullshit is happening and we all SEE it....every American is just trying to make it to the next paycheck right now. Its a perfect storm for the Govt.
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    yes, but i get mad when this happens EX - A legally liscensed (statewise) MMJ dispensary owner sets up a shop. Gets a permit, hes legit. Pays taxes and all. yet the DEA can bust him, although the state said he was OK to set up shop.

    the state says its cool, but the feds arrest him. just grinds my gears.:mad:

    this is like me saying, "yo dude come over my house and smoke weed. its ok." then my parents walk in.
  5. I'm pretty sure that's what all this Occupy Wall Street movement is all about. So, there are people out there who are taking a stand, we should all join them or at least support them.
  6. I understand his point and I wholehartedly agree. I always have these "only in America" moments. There's tons of injustices in this country that are the root cause of the government. I think that this is clear.

    It's quite unfortunate, I agree. I wish that it were different.
  7. People should not fear their governments
    governments should fear their people

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