Americans - the dumbest people?

Discussion in 'General' started by JayR, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. This is a continuation of the debate that was started in this thread:

    Are americans really dumber than other people? Propably not, but you sometimes get that feeling. Turn on your TV: Ricki Lake, Jerry Springer, dating shows on MTV, Jay Leno's Jaywalking. Take your pick! There is a lot of TV where americans are portrayed as and act like idiots. But why is that? Are many americans like that or are the culprits the TV producers, that make people look stupid?

    Even the american president seems stupid. Not "he-bombed-iraq-and-i-don't-like-it-stupid", simply unintelligent. How do the americans perceive him?

    There you go. My first post :)
  2. yup, thats whatever your talking about for ya
  3. money??
  4. Thats stereotypical isn't it, saying Americans are stupid by watching television shows and seeing a couple people do very stupid things. I mean those television shows are funded, and as sensi said, I bet all of them get paid to do those stupid things or to say those stupid things. Like that one show, Street Smarts or something like that, where 2 people are competing for money, and the show asks 3 other people questions and (of course only 1 of them gets those questions right every time) the 2 people have to decide who said the correct answer. I mean some of the answers they say are just plain out stupid and ridiculous. So I don't think you could call Americans stupid by basing them on television shows. But I remember once on like CBS or 20/20 or some show like that, they had this research where the based countries on the grading system (i.e. A+ or something) and they did research and they came up with one of the worst countries being America at F, and the best was South Korea being at A+. This was a long time ago though, maybe 5 years ago.
  5. yes, but stereotyping isn;t going to go away every film i was the british are too british, "bloody yanks,cup of tea, WHATTO!" so i don't think of americans as there portraid only as i know them
  6. I'm American, I'm not stupid.

    nuff sed
  7. and i'd say i know you(and loads more amricans off here) and none of them are dumb
  8. Some British comdey is just plain stupid much as American shows are but they both have good shows too.
  9. whoever bases their arguments on stereotypical portrayals by the media, whatever country theyre from is stupid in itself...enough said. I could sit here and type out loads of generalizations of several different nationalities, but to do so would simply make me look ignorant.....
  10. i american, i r not stoopid

    lolz... some reason i laugh at look at what i just typed
  11. I'm American.. I don't think I'm stupid. The keyword is think.
    "I am smart, I am smart! ::spells it:: S M R T, I am smart!" -Homer
    But uh. Really, I was in highschool 3-4 years ago. Everyone there was sssssstupid. Dumbest people I've ever met were in high school.
    I think the main problem is most Americans just don't care about shit really. I know I don't care about very much of anything. Neither do my friends.
  12. I'm a stupid American! So what does that make the rest of the world???? The same as me.... We all are brothers and sisters of the herb!!!!!!!

    You must not be a toker!!
  13. Oh yea

    stupid is as stupid does

    Coming here to a MJ site and making this post must make you brilliant!!!!!!
  14. Well I be a Merican and a Southern one at that boy. And I tells you I don't care much bout' anything cept gettin' in my pickup truck, drinkin' some beer, and goin' fishing. I also hate them black people, mexicanos, and them chinese people. Fact, I be in the KKK.

    As you can see with my sarcasm, being sterotypical equates itself with stupidity.
  15. There are a lot of stupid people here in America. I swear I lose more faith in humanity every day. I don't think America can really be the only place that people are as dumb as the people I see, but if it is I need to move somewhere else. The people in my high school were incredibly dumb. My junior year, this girl in one of my classes looked at me and asked, "What is Watergate?" I could feel my IQ dropping as I looked at her so I just turned around and walked away. And I know someone who's sister has never heard of John F. Kennedy. She's in 6th grade. When I was in 6th grade I at least new that he was a president and had been assassinated. The name didn't even strike a bell with this girl. She just asked, "Who is John Kemedy?" Yes, Kemedy. I think we need to control who is allowed to breed based on an intelligence test. Not something that only allows geniuses to have kids, but something that cuts out those who blow your mind with their lack of intelligence.
  16. I think it's that people just dont' care anymore, and that stems from the fact that we don't have to do any real serious thinking anymore. America with all it's modern convieniences all but spoonfeeds our society and as a result we are losing the ability to think for ourselves down to a basic level. I've actually noticed it within the last decade that people in the big cities where modern covenience serves us most are truly being dumbed down. People only know what they need to and have no use or interest in any knowledge that doesn't get them to barely not get fired as they look busy in their cubicles.

    There's a lot of people here who pretty much don't care and would rather be stupid because it's less work and "being smart is like, uhh, all hard and stuff". It's the spoonfed fullservice society that causes us to narrow our minds down to what we need to know, and barely that. Apathy of the mind.

    I'm not saying all americans are dumb, i'm just saying that to a large portion of the population it's not worth knowing anything but what you need to know. That's EXACTLY what i've been talking about in damn near every post i make, the mind control. It's all in little bits and pieces that fit toghether to form an invisible cage that while telling us we're "free", also give us no reason to exercise freedom. If we do exercise freedom, especailly freedom of the mind, look what happens. See if gov't hired thugs aren't kicking doors down across america to put an end to the threat of weed working as a bullshit filter. Why do you think they're talking of imposing trade sanctions on Canada if they legalize, because there will be awake minds a bit too close to home for those in power.

  17. i live in america and i think if you thought about it just for the smallest amount of time you would realize that in any country, there are smart people and dumb people. for instance, this one girl who goes to my school asked a teacher once if he spoke asian, she was stupid. an example of smart people would be the people who own production companies and shit. they have the ability to make some of the dumbest shit ever and then sell it off to people around the world (yes that includes wutever country you are from) and make millions of dollars off of a piece of shit. one example of this would be the new movie legally blond 2. i havn't even seen it and i know its stupid. u know its stupid, everyone knows its stupid. but still millions of dollars are going to be paid just to watch that piece of crap.

    i realized that i kinda ranted a lil, so thanks for reading :thumbs up:
  18. expected typical american response" well even if i am stupider, i'll still kick your ass or buy you out."

    whats with all the america bashing.... just because you don't like our politics or culture doesn't mean you don't have to like the people.

    succa.... :D
  19. Americans aren't dumb. Some of the greatest artists, musicians, scientists and thinkers of the 20th century are / was american.

    Martin Luther King Jr.
    Carl Sagan
    Mike Patton

    Not to mention all the feats americans should be really proud of, like helping to win WW2, sending men to the moon, developing the microchip, Woodstock. I could continue.

    However, many americans are frightingly uneducated, despite holding college degrees. It borders on chronic naivitee and gullabillity. It's so rampant. And most americans are really self-centered. If it's not centered around the US, it's not important. It's irrelevant. US knows best. Period.
  20. You have misunderstood me. I wasn't saying americans are stupid, i was asking why they are portrayed that way. In the danish media, apart from a few magazines, there isn't much that compares to the american media, where stupid seems to be popular.

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