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  1. America is a nation best politically defined by two extremely emotional responses, love and fear.

    There's a funny way of thinking about the society that is, by its own declaration, the greatest nation in history. A little stark contrasting game, played by picturing things that define the American people as you know them. You do not have to be American to play, but if you aren't, just identify yourself as a worldly observant.

    I'm American, and I've noticed that;

    Americans Love A Man In Uniform/Americans Fear Public Nudity
    Americans Love Guns/Americans Fear Authority
    Americans Love Fried Food/Americans Fear The Word 'Organic'
    Americans Love Voting, for American Idols/Americans Fear Voting, for American Presidents
    Americans Love To Settle Things With Their Fists/ Americans Fear Peace Talks
    Americans Love To Compete/Americans Fear Losing
    Americans Love to Cheat/Americans Fear Losing
    Americans Love Winners/Americans Fear Losing
    Americans Love to Watch People Shooting At Anything on TV/Americans Fear Street Crime
    Americans Love To Leave The Lights On All Night, for security/ Americans Fear Solar Panels, according to some HOA's
    Americans Love To Believe They Are Right/Americans Fear Being Proven Wrong

    You get the Idea? Anyone can play! All spins are welcome, just have fun with it.
  2. What kind of crap is this shit?

    We don't "fear" nudity, we don't "fear' peace talks.

    Smacks of anti-American leftist propaganda.

  3. Au contraire, mi amigo. But thanks for proving my point immediately.

  4. WTF Are you talking about. If your inferring that i "fear" anti-American Propagandist, your wrong, i "hate" anti-American propagandist.
  5. TheHapiClam, what are you smokin, because whatever it is for you to make this shit up has to be some descent shit.

  6. I ask that question around these political boards a lot bigred. Just internally.
  7. The hapiclams sig is correct, he is a ball of confusion.
  8. I'm outside naked right now, drinking Organic Tea, getting my ass kicked in Poker.. all the while being a small time street criminal, but feel free to prove me wrong!
  9. There we go, a man after my own heart...finally, someone with a sense of humor.

    The key word is fear, and your all seeming to be fearing to play the game. If you don't like my precepts, then describe some of your own observations.

    Its open to interpretation, but what my post was referring to were laws, on the books, made by "God-Fearing Americans". Like the statutes against public nudity, in place, in every state of the union, Or did I make that up too?
    Where's the nude beach? Oh, Over by the Nuclear Power Plant? great!

    I just find it amusing that America has such a hard time accepting its own dichotomies. Please don't hate me for being able to see the silly side of a superpower.

    Get off your self righteous high horses, and do a little introspection, it won't kill you. Its a stoner forum, folks, nobody takes this shit seriously, do they?

    Do they?:D

    Oh, and Stoned Budda, please don't say you think its serious while you still have a cartoon of a little guy peeing on a name in your sig!

    Come on, If this is 'left-wing, anti-american propaganda, as you said, then do one of whatever political philosophy you like! Like this...

    Americans Love To Say, In God We Trust/Americans Fear God (god-fearing)

    Its a joke, mayne. Or is it?
  10. Fear is the strongest kind of respect, we trust him because we respect God, my atheist friend of mine tells me not to say "God damn" around him, even though he does not believe in God.
  11. Not all of us respect god.
  12. Lets generalize the ideologies of the most diverse country in the world. Not.
  13. Love or Fear?

    Where's all the color in between those extremes? It's the colors that make this "glorious nightmare" called life in the United States so beautiful.

    You can't polarize that many issues and expect to get an accurate representation of 10 people... much less an entire nation.
  14. Was anyone else reminded of Donnie Darko by this thread?
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    you've got to be fucking shitting me dude..

    which country are you from that doesn't like to compete and win?, in anything... invalid points and this pretty much lets me know that you're already biased against america so i shouldn't listen to anything else based solely on the fact that you tried to use THIS to support your love/fear generalizations

    you're just getting desperate now
    Z0mg, am3rikkkaa ch3ats!!111
    they is the only ones!!!1 :rolleyes:

    I've got one more for you:

    Americans love calling out dumbasses/Americans fear said dumbasses will procreate

  16. Brazil?
  17. Thank you.:DIt is, and I am. You can call me THC for short. Because if it's true that you are what you eat, then I must be part Sativa, and part vagina.;)

    What's funny about this thread is the difference in the way people are perceiving of the same words. I printed out the first portion of this thread, and went to a poetry slam last night, where I read it out loud at a local coffehouse, and I got huge laughs, and an enthusiastic round of applause, I guess its all in the delivery.

    To the people who think these are rash generalizations, well, thanks for catching on! And yes, everything that was said can be applied to many cultures, and many other countries, and it will still be as slanted as it was when applied to the USA.

    But seriously, were you all that offended? By this silly word game? Why?

    Nothing in the OP was presented as anything but opinion, no facts were used, these were sweeping statements that were more a condemnation of human nature, than americans, specifically. You could have substituted any group identity, and just let the pigeonholing begin.

    Was it wrong? Of course, but I thought that was comedically obvious, any bias it showed was an attempt to spin a funny thought I had into a word game.

    Are we Americans becoming a little over sensitive, when we jump someone's ass on an internet forum for posting something even the slightest bit critical? Why such a thin skin?

    Here I'll try to make it all right, so no hard feelings.

    Americans Love To Be Drama Queens/Americans Fear Drag Queens (J.Edgar Hoover especially)

    I think we can all agree on that.:smoke:
  18. You actually read that out loud, even after seeing the reaction it got?! What if one of us was in the audience at your poetry jam?! What would you have done when a listener stood up and yelled at you?:p
  19. how did you know my real name????jk

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    I would have yelled back, I have a megaphone I use in my act, no one yells louder than me, when I have my little friend with me.

    No I had to do it BECAUSE of the reaction it got. I had no idea it was so controversial, until some posters pointed it out.

    Surprised that others see things differently? I wasn't...

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