Americans Growing Kinder to Bud

Discussion in 'Politics' started by fallenhero, Feb 23, 2009.


    There has been some great news from Rasmussen Reports. They say that ~40%+ of Americans want pot to be legal.

    I say if 40% of Americans showed up at the white house and demanded that these laws be abolished or marijuana be legalized or w/e that change would happen, I don't understand if the so many want this to happen then why hasn't it happened already. What should people do to get this plant legalized? We already have the numbers whats stopping the movement.
  2. Them numbers need money. 40% is great if that % includes the right people and institutions. Unfortunately I feel the voices of that 40% are but muffled screams fading away with the manipulated wind, or some shit.
  3. This is true.....down with the man. We just want to smoke weed:(

  4. Is it that 40 are "demanding" it be legal, or is it 40% could care less one way or the other?

    You see unless they are demanding it, opinion doesnt matter.

  6. Weed will not be legal or illegal. Laws won't exist. Legality won't exist.
  7. When will this happen?

  8. How should I know? Do you think anyone really knows seconds, minutes, days, and years by intuition? No, our minds are contorted to think like that.

    Try counting out five minutes with no clock... it's very difficult to be precise.

    My point? I don't know how long. I simply believe it is inevitable that these shall come to pass. The only end result to the current structure paradox.

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