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Americans: Do you mix tobacco with your weed when rolling joints?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JassyD, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. never have never will nor do i use filters.
  2. Hell no. I only love my mary jane.
  3. nope. that would mess with the taste wouldn't it???
  4. gross...why mess up the delicious taste of mary jane with the nasty taste of tobacco?
  5. Tobacco taste like poop
  6. If I wanted to ever smoke tobacco I'd just roll a blunt. But it's joints all day with me. I like the natural taste of some good purp
  7. Nope, never.
  8. You're going to need a much larger sample size than a single poll on GC to actually use it as a source.
  9. I'm fascinated by the fact that people in European countries mix weed w/tobacco. I've been told it was because back in the day they could only get hash and so they would mix it so they could roll it.
    A few years ago we picked up this hitchhiker from London. He was hiking the Pacific Coast Trail and needed a ride into town for supplies. We smoked a joint with him and he was amazed that it would smoke right w/o tobacco in it. :smoke:

  10. You just like arguing huh? Life must be boring for you.

    And i don't need a much larger sample size. Gc is the perfect source.

  11. Get a fucking life kid.
  12. Would you trust one study consisting of 20 people if it came from an anti-marijuana source? No.

    Nothing wrong with liking to argue. Some people like cooking, some like running, I like arguing.

  13. Gc is not an anti tobacco source. And i bet if you posted this on a tobacco forum the majority of people who smoked weed would say no. Even the cigarette smokers i know don't mix tobacco with there weed. it isn't something that most americans do. And that is an undisputed fact. There is no studies on it. But there is also no study that says that bowls get you higher. Yet it is an undisputed fact.

    Ask anyone on this site. They will tell you the same thing. Isn't something that americans do.

  14. #16 stoneheir, Nov 22, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 22, 2011
    Dude, JassyD, why do you keep feeding this guy? You see he's clearly out to start arguments for the sake of starting arguments. I've noticed that lately too. Just ignore it.

    In regards to the original post, I've rolled spliffs before. The reason was because I wanted to smoke a joint, but didn't feel like putting a G of weed into it. Haven't done it in a while but I have done it.

    Edit: and yes, when I did it, the people I was with literally thought I was nuts

  15. Yea you are right. Guess we should just start annoying him. His attitude just annoys the fuck outta me. Its a stoner forum and all he wants to do is play devils advocate. If you wanna debate go have a discussion with your friends. Or join a club. Don't pick apart everything someone says.
  16. Nope fuck tobacco
  17. Hahaha. At least 10 people I know have smoked tobacco with weed (I saw them do it). At least 5 others have just told me they have, I don't know for sure. And all these people are American.

    It is not an "undisputed fact" that bowls get you higher. I'm sure plenty of people would vote for blunts over bowls to get higher. And since highness is mostly subjective, you can't really measure it accurately anyway.

    I didn't say GC was anti tobacco. I asked if you'd trust a study of 20 people if it was anti-marijuana and from an anti-marijuana source. The answer is no. So there is no reason to trust a study of 20 people from a pro-marijuana source either.

    Edit: Lol. I'm not trolling or anything, it's just really easy and fun to blast apart others arguments here since they're so often based on shit. And the more the stupid stoners get educated, the better we as a group seem, which is good for the legalization cause.
  18. dude who cares if they want to stuff sum in its their choice

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